Abia Govt Urge Residents Of Ovom Street To Relocate To Safer Areas

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The Abia State government is urging residents of Ovom Street, Ogbor Hill, Aba, to relocate to safer areas as severe erosion threatens their homes. The 200-meter stretch of eroded land has already destroyed numerous buildings and put lives at risk.

Permanent Secretary of the Environment Ministry, Mrs. Joy Maduka, emphasized the urgency of the situation. Temporary accommodation has been offered to facilitate the relocation, which was mandated by a vacation order issued on January 12, 2024.

“No life or property should be lost to this erosion,” stated Maduka. “The government appeals to residents to cooperate and relocate without delay.” Adequate measures will be implemented to manage the situation, she assured, and reconstruction work will begin promptly once the area is clear.

However, some residents voiced concerns about the relocation’s impact on their lives. Mrs. Ijeoma, a resident, expressed financial constraints and worries about losing her sole source of income from selling borehole water. Another resident pleaded for financial assistance from the government to enable them to secure alternative housing.

The Abia State government faces a balancing act of ensuring safety while minimizing disruption to residents’ lives. Offering continued support and exploring feasible relocation options will be crucial in achieving this goal. Meanwhile, the urgent need to address the erosion threat remains paramount, and cooperation between residents and authorities is essential to avert further damage and loss of life.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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