Nigerian Relationship Advisor, Amara Nwosu Remarried Her First Husband After Two Failed

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Nigerian relationship advisor, Amara Nwosu has remarried her first husband after her two subsequent marriages failed.

The Facebook influencer had accused her first husband of domestic violence when she left the union to marry her second husband, Francis Van Lare a.k.a Poi Master.

Amara’s second marriage to the US-based businessman crashed after Van Lare alleged that she and the children she from her first marriage repeatedly assaulted him.

Amara Nwosu remarry first husband
The man known for being a Casanova had alleged that she tried getting all his properties, used him to get US citizenship, before getting married to an American Pastor.

Following the end of her third marriage, Nwosu revealed in a recent post that she has now reunited with her first husband.

Amara Nwosu husband
Sharing a cozy photo of with her ex, she wrote: “While the devil and his cohorts are mourning, heaven and all lovers of good things are rejoicing.

“Like I always say, stop trying to understand the ways of God in this very person; she herself does not understand it. All she knows is that she was declared a ruler with grace, right in her mother’s womb. Got questions? Ask God!”

Many social media users flooded the comment section of her post and questioned if the relationship coach had falsely accused her then-husband of domestic violence.

Thompson Taiwo wrote; But you accused your first husband of domestic violence. Did you like them to get sympathy? What has changed?

Luchy Claire; You see first love, it’s so hard to get over. Even moving on from it’s headache

Nessa Hirsha; Oh, and don’t forget how she alleged the first husband was physically and mentally abusing her and she also wrote a book detailing the abuse. Her whole Facebook fake is built on How God saved her from this same man she has gone back to

One Ndubuisi Justin; So people are now allowed to pass their wives around and get them back. I no understand this nonsense.

Prince Nedu; So you allowed 2 men to come nak her finished and returned her to you to remarry her? That red cap no fit you sir you never reach to wear am

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