Customs/Tradition: Meet Gladys Ukeje, The First Igbo Woman Who Fought For 33 Years To Be Included In Her Father’s Inheritance

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Meet Gladys Ukeje, the first Igbo woman who fought for 33 years to be included in her father’s inheritance.

Here’s a little background story:

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After her father’s death in 1981, her stepmother and half-brother applied for his estate administration, excluding Gladys. She took them to court, demanding her rightful share.

She took the case to Lagos High Court, which ruled in her favor, and ordered pausing of the estate’s administration until she was included.

Unhappy with the verdict, her stepmother and half-brother appealed to the Court of Appeal, but the decision remained unchanged. Unsatisfied still, they took the case to Nigeria’s Supreme Court, the highest authority.

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In 2014, roughly 33 years after her fathers demise, the Supreme Court ruled in Gladys Ukeje’s favor, securing her rightful place in her father’s estate.

Did you know about the Ukeje vs. Ukeje case?

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