Gov Otti Must Wield The Big Stick Against The Sprouting Criminal Opposition Coalition – Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba)

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Many of us have had the opportunity to once again read the financial reports of one Engr. Ako Eke, a sponsored opposition apparel in exile as he once again engaged his potopoto reductionist politics of pull him down and let the heavens fall. His intermittent distractions self-style as budgetary analytics is a hatchet job that is fast losing its momentum and appeal.

His type of opposition model of gaslighting the government expenditures intendment is rather gaining popularity down south the abyss. Only very few are still taking him seriously.

Engineer Ako Eke and his less than intellectual followers and minions are expecting the Abia people to invest there time and attention on some dubious paperwork being bandied around than focusing on the fastly changing Abia landscape. Mbanu.

The problem with Abia opposition is their belief that the people’s institutional short memory or collective amnesia will be manipulated for negative political capital. They constituted a problem while in government and today, out of government, they have turned themselves to a remissive menace.

Of what importance are these numbers that Ako Eke and his gang are busy religiously publishing to discredit the government? Are these shreds of evidence of financial comeuppance credible enough to supervene the momentum of development ably started and midwifed by Dr. Alex Otti?

These opposition sophists must be reminded that Orji Uzo Kalu, Theodore Orji and lately Okezie Victor Ikpeazu were all churning out fake balanced public accounts to Abians without any modicum of development to show for it. At a point, Orji Uzo Kalu was the only one of all the governors in the federation submitting his monthly statements of account to deceive the gullible public while wanton stealing of public funds went unabated in his government. He’s still in court today for embezzlement of N7.4 billion Naira despite having the best balanced statements of accounts.

Theodore Orji throughout his administration did not border to submit to any accountability process of any sorts whereas he presided over an Abia State that was not remembered for anything good.

Ditto for Okezie Ikpeazu who blatantly avoided any form of public disclosure of public accounts under his watch for 8 years and frittered away about N2 Trillion without the heavens falling. But the heavens will soon fall upon his adamant head in this New Abia regime.

Alex Otti in less than one year in office has renovated 70 roads projects, including giving us a brand new Portharcourt Road which will soon be completed, a world class 3kms six lanes approach from Umuahia Tower to Okpara Square, powering home on the Umuahia, Uzuakoli, Bende, Akara to Ohafia road trunk, commencing the new access road to Arochukwu through Ozu Abam, Ndi Oji, Ndi Okereke and to Amuvi.

No part of Abia is left behind in the development spreadsheet. But opposition want us to focus rather on remissive figures in dubiously fomented spreadsheets rather than count our blessings of development as they come. Mbakwa ooh.

Dr Alex Otti’s sin is that he dared to raise the money to work with instead of telling Abians that he met no money in the treasury. After raising the money, he’ll still need to gather the displaced erstwhile feeding bottle politicians as stakeholders to make their inputs on how the money should be spent. Odikwa egwu ooh.

Let me put a word of advice to these rancorous naysayers parading as opposition that the New Abia government will not be dittered by the hysteria of inquisition mounted by mostly political jobbers, political careerists, political cynicism, and meddlesome interlopers whose only fixation is on government purse and government money.

If the numbers published by Alex Otti and his government is giving us development, so be it. All of us will not be accountants, economists and financial experts to partake in the numbers game. Abia people are looking at development not numbers.
Dr. Engr Odo Ijere

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By Abia ThinkTank

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