Who Sells Audacity To Former Gov. OKEZIE Ikpeazu – By Janny Ujunwa Lilly

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Who sells Audacity to Former Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu. By Janny Ujunwa Lilly

The audacity of former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu knows no bounds. With all due respect, sir, myself and 99 other concerned members of the PDP demand answers regarding your audacious actions during your tenure. Your administration’s negligence and disregard for the welfare of its commissioners epitomize the depths of your wickedness and insensitivity.

Under your watch, these public servants, entrusted with critical responsibilities, were subjected to abject poverty. Despite their crucial roles, they were paid a paltry sum of 176,000 monthly, a mere pittance for their dedication and service. Worse still, they endured the indignity of being owed salaries for a staggering seven months. Imagine the dire circumstances they faced, struggling to make ends meet, some resorting to relying on their personal businesses to survive, while others were unable to provide for their families or afford quality education for their children.

The appalling truth emerges that only a fraction, a mere 2% of these commissioners, enjoyed any semblance of financial stability, and their privilege stemmed solely from their proximity to certain individuals within your administration. Your government was rife with nepotism, favoritism, and a culture of cronyism, where loyalty to individuals superseded dedication to public service.

In light of these egregious injustices, it beggars belief that you have the audacity to convene meetings now when you are not even the leader of the party. What purpose could they possibly serve? Are you prepared to offer sincere apologies for your role in perpetuating the impoverishment of these public servants? Or perhaps, are you seeking to absolve yourself of responsibility and accountability for their plight?

Your actions have not only betrayed the trust of the people but have also perpetuated a system of injustice and inequality. It is high time for you to acknowledge the gravity of your transgressions and make genuine efforts to rectify the damage caused. The party(PDP) demand justice, transparency, and accountability. Anything less would be a grave disservice to the principles of democracy and governance.

Janny Ujunwa Lily

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By Abia ThinkTank

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