Kumuyi Reacts To Blessing Of Same-Sex Couples

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Kumuyi Reacts To Blessing Of Same-sex Couples Announced By Pope Francis

The General Superintendent of Deeper Life Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, has said that same-sex marriage negates the biblical teaching of Jesus Christ.

Kumuyi stated this on Wednesday during the opening ceremony of a joint event of the global crusade with Kumuyi and the 2023 National December Retreat tagged: “Emmanuel.”

Recall that earlier in the week, Pope Francis had granted permission for priests to bestow blessings upon same-sex couples around the world.

In his address, Kumuyi stressed that the command of Christ Jesus was for a man to get married to a woman.

“The Lord Jesus Christ told us before he left that we should go to the world, teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. He even says heaven and earth shall pass away but his words will not pass away,” Kumuyi said.

“We stand in obedience to Christ and submissive to Him and we carry on the works of Christ that said a man and a woman should be joined together in marriage until death do us part,” he declared.

Speaking on the essence of the yuletide season, the renowned cleric said it was a period to celebrate the impacts and the sacrifice that Jesus had made for the whole world.

“There are some things that people do during this time that do not honour Christ Jesus, and do not help their health, things like; smoking, drinking substances, and doing other things that impact their health negatively,” he said.

Kumuyi emphasised that his zeal was to impact the youths, stating that December 26 had been slated for ‘Youth Impact’ to discuss the tremendous work of ‘Emmanuel’ which would change their lives.

“I have the vision, passion, and a mission towards the young people. People are looking for something that will make life meaningful for them. We have the road map; we have goals and everything they are looking for. We don’t condemn them, but we want to show them the best alternative.

“We’ll show them steps that lead to the discovery of what they are searching for. They will have the redirection they ought to have in life and a great thing is going to happen to everyone that comes,” Kumuyi said.

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