Technology: The Flying Vehicle That May Redefine Automobile In 2024

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The Flying Vehicle That May Redefine Automobile In 2024

Technology has arguably gone very far and a lot of mind blowing innovations have been made so far. A lot of rumours have been made for over a decade but finally this first-of- its-kind flying car will be available to limited buyers for sale in 2024.

The Liberty (pioneer edition) flying vehicle as it is called has been manufactured by Pal-V, a Dutch manufacturing company,and is the first of its kind.

This air-mobility company will start deliv- ering this car to just 90 people in Europe and North America and they will be paying $527,000 (€499,000) for this vehicle.

This pioneer edition is an upgrade to the company’s standard edition and contains full options to fly or drive. According to the manu- facturer, the car uses hybrid fuel based on e-fuels. They also claim that it is a two-seat

fly-drive aircraft that can convert in just a few minutes and is designed for medium to long- distance travel boasting of 817-mile (1,315 km) range on the road and up to 310 miles (500 km) in the sky. With a single fuel stop, it can easily double its range. It can hit 100 mph (160 kph) and fly safely at 11,000 feet (3,350 meters).

The vehicle claims to be safe to manoeuver and is accessible to many people. It’s also not limited to private use but can be used for mul- tiple applications including policing, defence and first response.

Pal-V has also managed to secure approval for road driving and is expected to secure approval for flying early next year too, after which the delivery will roll out to buyers.

A first-of-its-kind flying car has been set up in Munich, Germany and is open to interested parties till the end of the month.

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