Reactions As Singer Davido Arrest Businessman Abu Salami Over Alleged Debt

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Reactions As Singer Davido Arrest Businessman Abu Salami Over Alleged Debt

Award winning Nigerian singer, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has taken the step of arresting Nigerian photographer and businessman Abu Salami, who accused him of unpaid debt.

Last month, Abu Salami publicly called out Davido for failing to fulfill a contract after claiming to have paid him N218 million for a football project for kids that Davido never showed up for.

Davido not only refused to refund the money but also allegedly sent thugs to bully Abu Salami.

In response to these accusations, Davido ordered Abu Salami’s arrest on charges of signature forgery, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

Photos circulating on social media show Abu Salami in police custody.

The news has sparked mixed reactions among netizens, with many accusing Davido of using his power to bully and oppress others.

One individual, Shun Vest, wrote, “Nigeria police, do better and stop intimidation. Davido is a debtor who is using the police to oppress him.”

Lola Eboreme commented, “Money is power, but POWER is POWER. Davido will meet someone who will humble him if he continues on this self-destructive path.”

Beys Kitchen remarked, “Why hasn’t he arrested Kemi, that mad woman, all these years?”

Ice Queen stated, “This looks like bullying.”

Official Phatravel said, “This is an opportunity for the guy to prove his case if he has one. Bring out your evidence to support your claim.”

Beediva wrote, “Shame, shame. You owe him money and you’re harassing and intimidating him just because you have more money than him. Let’s continue to support him as he self-destructs.”

Commanderr Tom added, “That’s life. Just have money. It is well.”

Awanrint questioned those who accused Davido of intimidation, asking, “Have you heard his side of the story?”

Eruse Idiata questioned the use of the police to arrest Abu Salami, saying, “What does that mean? Did his team defraud this young man? Yes or no! Let’s know the truth, not by arresting him.”

In addition, Abu Salami took a dig at Davido as he compared him to his rival, Burna Boy.

Abu Salami claimed that Burna Boy’s wealth dwarfs Davido’s and questioned how much Davido really makes.

He also mentioned witnessing Burna Boy transfer N15 million to someone in need without hesitation.

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