The Upsurge Of Coup De Tats As Next Best Option For Africa’s Liberation – By Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba)

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The events of the last few weeks of trending military take overs of menacing regimes masquerading as democracy in Africa is a most welcome development. But it must be noted and also stated that some now condemning these coups or expressing worries over these developments like OUK are not with us but speaking for their paymasters whom they support day and night to keep us down.

As a CIA agent for many decades now, OUK is planted to do the bidding of the Western powers, that is to help in undermining true democracy in our clime. All his activities in both the military and civilian dispensation are teleguided to be a tool against our efforts to truly become independent from the umbilical chord of neo colonialism that replaced colonialism at Versailles.

OUK as an agent of the West has been part of undermining true democracy in this country since thirty years at least. That is why they’ll keep helping him to remain a pursestring to be controlling our democratic temperament by ensuring always that he’s a part of our governing ethos whether in military or civilian regimes. You can see how they helped him to rig his last election despite all odds.

It is these same foreign and local forces that came together to help in rigging Tinubu into office that also put OUK there to be working for the so called deep state that we all know are accessory to the ubiquitous and so called New World order project of the Western powers.

You see, the deep state and by extention the New World order is run by foot soldiers around the world. These foot soldiers are recruited among our leaders, our super rich bourgeoisie, the super intellectuals, the iconoclastic or charismatic individuals. These individuals loom large among us but hardly get into trouble because the deep State must play a last option to rescue them from falling into the deep.

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All these strategies of the deep state are crafted to control and teleguide our nascent democracy to kowtow towards the West so they can continue unabated plundering of our God given resources.

You see, the New World order is a charter of world domination by few nations with Africa only allowed or tolerated to be supplying raw and natural resources to them without any shred of development.

It is this charter that OUK, Tinubu, Obasanjo, Buhari and even IBB before them, the Okonjo Iwealas of this world, Femi Adesinas of this world, and few others had secretly signed to protect and for which the CIA is protecting them also through subtle manipulations of our polity.

The democracy you see them shouting about is not meant to help us develop but only meant to teleguide us and keep us under control without the necessity of allowing us develop our potentials.

Even the coming of the military in some African States may not offer total solution in the long run because the agents of the New World order will start to renegotiate legitimacy for the new regimes and dangle carrots that will in the long run take those nations back to Egypt or have those regimes terminated through counter coups.

The true liberation of Africa can only come with the coming together of African leaders at the AU to speak truth to the Western powers led by the United States to halt their political and economic tyranny against the people of Africa. Their must as a matter of urgency be a conscious effort by the African leaders to erase the borders created by the Versailles Treaties that we know has kept Africa undeveloped.

The various peoples of Africa are waking up to the stealthy democratic subterfuge of the United States and their Western allies to begin to take back what belongs to us. Most of Africa States will boil in this bitter struggle for control and economic emancipation in the coming days. Many more regimes will be toppled and democratic coups through the ballot box will equally be upturned by the new surge of people’s revolution around the continent.

With the stepping into the fray of the BRICS nations to rewrite the charter that helps keep The United States standing as the undisputed unipolar power, and with many African nations already seeing the reason to join the counternarratives, their could be some shining light at the end of the tunnel for Africa’s true liberation.
Dr. Engr Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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