Gov Otti Understands The Rights And Interests Of The People, Let’s Not Politicize The Compensation In Bad Light – Onoh Richard Writes Ossah People

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OTTI understands the rights and interests of the people, let us not politicize the compensation in a bad light.

Onoh Chukwuma Richard in his letter to Ossah people has called for calm amidst the protest by a few property owners who are hiding under the aegis of Ossah people to paint goodwill bad in a bid to score a cheap political goal.

The letter reads

‘I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I want to take the opportunity to shed light on a remarkable initiative that our esteemed governor, Alex Otti, has undertaken to ensure justice and fairness for property owners in our beloved city. It is a matter that deserves our attention and applause.

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For far too long, property owners have faced an arduous battle when it comes to seeking compensation for their properties that are earmarked for demolition in the name of progress and development. Past governments have often turned a blind eye to the plight of these individuals, using their instrumentalities to forcefully demolish properties without considering the rights and welfare of the affected owners.

However, the tenure of Governor Alex Otti has brought about a refreshing change. He recognizes the importance of development and beautification projects, but he also understands that the rights and interests of the people must be protected and respected. Therefore, it is with great admiration that we commend his decision to compensate property owners along Mission Hill before demolishing their properties.

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By compensating property owners, Governor Otti has demonstrated that he genuinely has the interests of the people at heart. He recognizes that these properties hold sentimental value to their owners and that they represent years of hard work, dedication, and investment. Rather than simply bulldozing the properties and leaving the owners in distress, he has chosen a path of compassion and fairness.

This decision is not only commendable but also essential for fostering trust and goodwill between the government and its citizens. It sends a powerful message that the government is committed to ensuring the welfare and prosperity of its people. It shows that Governor Alex Otti acknowledges the sacrifices made by property owners and values their contributions to the development of our city.

Moreover, compensating property owners before demolition not only provides a fair resolution but also allows for a smooth transition. It enables owners to make alternative arrangements, find suitable replacement properties, or invest their compensation in new ventures. This approach minimizes the disruption and financial hardship that property owners would otherwise face.

Governor Otti’s decision sets a precedent for future development projects in our city. It establishes a culture of accountability, transparency, and empathy in governance. It sends a strong signal to all stakeholders that the government is committed to upholding the rights and well-being of its citizens, even in the face of progress and development.

We must acknowledge the challenges that come with balancing the need for development and the protection of individual rights. It is a delicate equilibrium that Governor Otti has handled with great skill and empathy. His decision to compensate property owners along Mission Hill is a testament to his leadership, integrity, and commitment to the people he serves.

In conclusion, let us come together as a community and extend our heartfelt appreciation to Governor Alex Otti for championing the rights and welfare of property owners along Mission Hill. His decision to compensate before demolishing is a significant step towards creating a more just and compassionate society. We must continue to support and encourage such initiatives that prioritize the interests and well-being of our fellow citizens.’


Onoh Chukwuma Richard
Ututu ancient Kingdom

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