Sochi-Kaima Hospital Officially Unveiled It’s Scientific Homoeopathy Medical Centre

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Sochi-Kaima Hospital is an integrative health institution , our services are based on the administration of scientific Homoeopathy medical treatment to all diseases known to mankind alongside other forms of complementary medical systems such as Radionics and electro-accupunture

We are a Complementary and alternative physicians with proven expertise and experience.

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  • Diagnose all Imbalances In Your Body System like The Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Skeletal, Reproductive, Nervous, Excretory and Urinary?
  • Discover Blood diseases like Leucaemia and Other Malignant Diseases At Their Incipience?
  • Check and Test For The Functional States Of The Liver, Heart, Kidney and Lungs, Hormones and Other Body Fluids and Organs using a blood spot or hair strands as witness or specimen samples?

*Selects, the appropriate Homoeopathic Remedy for your perculiarity?

  • Broadcasts Treatment To Someone Not Within Physical Reach through “Remote healing method
  • Treats The Whole Being and Not Just The Disease?

These and Others makes Sochi-kaima Homoeopathy Hospital different From Both The Conventional and “Traditional” Herbal Clinics.

We Are Professional Homoeopaths….Try Homoeopathy, Visit us @Sochi-Kaima Hospital
2, Ọmụma Road, Mgbidi, Oru West LGA, Imo State.
TEL: 09025345816

r treatment ranges from both Acute and Chronic diseases that has defiled both the conventional allopathic (Orthodox) and Herbal/Traditional medicine system and our prescriptions are based on well known Homoeopathy Pharmacopoeia.

We engage our patients in thorough Radionics computer analyses so as to gain enough idea and knowledge of the original or root, concomitant or exciting causes of the dis-ease situation.

We employ the use of Analytical Radionics machines to scan through the entire body Systems and organs diagnosing the real and actually cause of the morbidity.

The results or outcome of the analysis is carefully explained to the patient thereby leaving him/her to confirmation of the existence of the presenting symptoms associated with the finding from the patient as explained

The same Radionics Computer would search and select appropriate Homoeopathy remedies that best suits every individual case.

This all in one Radionics Analytical Computer (RAC) analyses, balance and harmonize any negative energetic influence

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health.

It is extremely safe to use, even with very small children and pets, has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, is very affordable, is made from natural substances,

Sochi-Kaima is located at No.2, Omuma Road by Mgbidi-Oguta junction Mgbidi Oru West LGA Imo State
Phone: +234 902 534 5816

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