Dr. Kingsley Kelechukwu Okoronkwo, Leading Aspirant For TC Chairman, Isuikwuato Local Government Presents 12 Points Agenda For Isuikwuato LG

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Dr. Kingsley Kelachukwu Okoronkwo, Leading Aspirant for TC Chairman, Isuikwuato Local Government Presents 12 Points Agenda For Isuikwuato LG

Dr. Kingsley Kelachukwu Okoronkwo who hails from Ikpa-Otamkpa Isiala Amawu Ward 3, Isuikwuato, Abia State; is the leading Aspirant for The Transition Caretaker Chairman Isuikwuato Local Government Council, Abia State based on opinion polls on the platform of Labour Party.

Has declared to the good people of Isuikwuato LGA the main reason why he ASPIRES to serve as TRANSITION CARETAKER CHAIRMAN. He made this known at a press briefing in Isuikwuato this afternoon. He said his VISION for Isuikwuato is a future that PROVIDES for ANTICIPATION, CREATION, and RESPONSE to new ideas and new opportunities thereby stimulating VIABILITY and VITALITY throughout the Local Government Area and Abia State at large on His 12 Points Agenda Blue Print Manifesto of Pladged to Serve As TRANSITION CARETAKER CHAIRMAN ISUIKWUATO LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL please read as Below 👇

What is the vision and ambitions of Kingsley Okoronkwo and how will that impact on lsuikwuato Local Government?

The Manifesto of- pledges in a 12 STEP PLAN:

Develop integrity and capacity through good governance.

Promote Excellence in Education, Engineering and Technology.

Rebuild and create basic infrastructure

Ensure delivery of sustainable health care

Enable generation and transmission of electricity

Promote Rural Development; create food security

Facilitate Peace and Security

Transform Isuikwuato economy

Restore excellence in Sports

Youth Entrepreneurship

Empowerment of Women and Youths

Community Development

Our Vision
The Isuikwuato of our dreams reborn and reconstructed.

Our Goals

  1. Good Governance:-To raise the standard of governance at all levels and attract the highest calibre of citizens into public service.
  2. Promote Democracy:- we will promote transparency and enable true democracy in order to restore power, equality and justice for all citizens of Isuikwuato both at home and in Diaspora.
    Our Mission
    To be recognized as Isuikwuato’s best elected Chairman ever by displaying quality and integrity in administration, leadership, and public relations. I will guarantee that the objectives of the Local Government Council are met effectively and efficiently for the benefit of its residents.
    To successfully organize Isuikwuato citizens to understand and support government initiatives that enhances social reform and local government development.
    It is our intention to lead Isuikwuato to political, social and economic recovery by way of transformation whereby all individual and collective aspirations are realised.
    Through solidarity and teamwork between local government and its citizens, we will strive for excellence to enable sustainable longevity for the benefit of all for both now and future generations.



At the core of our vision for a brighter and better Isuikwuato’s are transformed people, raised on values of honesty, integrity, transparency, exemplary character with a deep sense of commitment to the principles of equity, justice and fairness.
We believe that to build an Isuikwuato of our dreams, we must first ‘build the people’. In other words, the people must first be transformed to enable the community to be transformed.
Our social history identifies that corruption has the most debilitating effect on socio-economic advancement. Corruption in all forms must be removed from Isuikwuato and Abia State in general if we are to build a new society we yearn for.

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Education is the key to gaining advantage for the residents of Isuikwuato over neighbouring local government and state administrations and is a critical factor in the development of self- sustaining economic recovery and transformation.
Our Administration will provide;
Free education up to secondary school including payment of WAEC and NECO fees.

School buses for primary school pupils and secondary schoolday students within Isuikwuato.
A scholarship Trust Fund whereby grants would be availablefor students originating from the Local Government area, for attendance to tertiary institutions within Abia State.

Investment in Education: We will allocate adequate sufficient resources to education, ensuring adequate funding for infrastructure, technology, teacher training, and research programs. This investment will enable institutions to provide quality education and equip students with the necessary skills.

Enhancing Teacher Competence: We will implement policies to attract and retain highly competent teachers by providing auditing man-power, professional development opportunities, and supportive working environments. Encourage the integration of pedagogical innovation, scientific research, and practical applications in the classroom.

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Curriculum Development: Continuously update and revise educational curricula will be put in place to align with advancements in science, engineering, and technology, Integrate practical and hands-on learning experiences, foster critical thinking skills, and promote interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

Research and Development Funding: We will facilitate funding for scientific research and development in academia, industry, and related sectors. Support collaborative initiatives among research institutions, and industries to foster innovation, knowledge transfer, and technological advancements.

Encourage Public-Private Partnerships: We will Foster collaborations between educational institutions, research organizations, and private industries to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This collaboration leads to the development of cutting-edge technologies, promotes entrepreneurship, and provides students with real-world experiences.

Promotion of STEM Education: Emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education from an early age. We will enforce the adoption of programs and initiatives that make STEM education engaging and accessible to all, irrespective of gender, socioeconomic background, or ethnicity in Isuikwuato. This will help nurture a pipeline of future scientists, engineers, and technologists.

Scholarships and Grants: We will offer merit-based scholarships, grants, and fellowships to attract and support talented individuals pursuing careers in science, engineering, and technology. Encouraging diversity and inclusivity in these programs will help build a strong and diverse talent pool.

Public Awareness and Engagement: Promotions to promote and raise public awareness about the importance of education, science, engineering, and technology will be prioritized. Organize outreach programs, science fairs, and events that engage the community. This will foster a culture of curiosity, exploration, and appreciation for these fields.

Continuous Evaluation and Improvement: We shall implement mechanisms for continuous evaluation and improvement of educational systems, policies, and programs. Regularly assess and update standards, accreditation processes, and teaching methodologies to ensure the highest level of excellence.

Global Collaboration: We will encourage inter-communal and international collaboration among educational institutions, researchers, and industry professionals. Facilitate knowledge-sharing, joint research projects, and student/staff exchange programs to foster global perspectives and cross-cultural collaboration.

By implementing these policies and strategies, societies can create an ecosystem that promotes excellence in education, science, engineering, and technology, and fosters innovation for a sustainable and prosperous Isuikwuato.

Basic infrastructure is central to any economic development without which, socio-economic development cannot occur. Key elements include;
Local transport
Water supply
Waste disposal
My pledge is to encourage all sectors, public and private, state and federal, to ensure that basic utilities are available and to foster an atmosphere in which residents of all ages and dispositions can develop, succeed, and enjoy what has so far been denied to them.
We will specifically focus on;
Roads:-little progress has been made in the construction of roads since 1976, under the leadership of Navy Captain NdubuisiKanu Rtd. This is our intention and pledge to work with the State Government to ensure good road access is enabled.
Water Supply:-it is our aim that all communities will be provided with bore holes and I will collaborate with UNICEF and other institutions for the deliverance of this most essential basic need.

Health care is generally administrated at 3 levels, primary, secondary and tertiary. Due to the lack of integration and planning and misdemeanour are common place within the system, particularly at primary and secondary level where such issues are not significant enough to warrant high level attention.
It is our intention to overhaul the Health Care Service at primary level to ensure maximum efficiency and deliverance within Isuikwuato Local Government area to ensure the best service possible for the inhabitants.
Further, in a joint initiative with Millennium Development Goals (MDGS), the following initiatives will be developed;
Rehabilitation of General Hospital
Procurement of hospital equipment
Purchase and supply of medicines/consumables
Construction of Primary Health Centres across the LocalGovernment
Free Medicare drugs for mothers and children

Without a reliable and cost effective supply of electricity, Isuikwuato Local Government Area cannot be competitive in local business nor can socio-economic development occur.
It is my 5thpledge to ensure all communities within the administrative area have a supply of electricity. Under my leadership transformers will be procured and supply lines will be established to areas that have been marginalised.
The vast majority of Isuikwuato’s people live in abstract poverty. Despite the abundance of natural resources in our land, locals rarely have the chance to take advantage of these resources. To this end, we commit to encourage healthy agriculture and market access for produce, allowing farmers and partisans to expand their respective businesses for the benefit of the local government area as a whole.
Rural communities are a country’s backbone, and food security is a right, not a privilege. In order to create jobs and reduce poverty, all natural resources must be recognized and used.

Peace and security is a right and not a privilege and the Local Government has an important role to play and responsibility in promoting and facilitating the same.
We commit to strive tirelessly to promote well-being, peace, and harmony by supporting strong social ideals and morality, as well as decent standards, law, and policies like;

  1. Promote social equality and justice: Addressing social and economic inequalities can help create a more inclusive society and reduce the tensions that often lead to conflicts. Policies that focus on equal rights, fair distribution of resources, and social welfare we be established to ensure peace and security.
  2. Invest in education and cultural understanding: Education plays a crucial role in promoting tolerance, empathy, and critical thinking. Policies that prioritize accessible and quality education for all can help foster a culture of peace. Promoting cultural exchange programs and intercultural dialogue can also improve understanding and reduce prejudice and discrimination.
  3. Open channels for conflict resolution: Encourage diplomacy, mediation, and dialogue as primary means of resolving conflicts. Establishing frameworks, mechanisms, and institutions that support peaceful dispute resolution can help prevent escalations into violence.
  4. Support human rights and rule of law: Establishing concrete policies, manpower, scrutinized policing with the objective of upholding human rights, ensuring the rule of law, and strengthening institutions are vital for peaceful societies. Policies that safeguard civil liberties, protect marginalized groups, and promote transparency, accountability, and an independent judiciary contributes to stability and security.
  5. Foster economic development and opportunities: Unemployment and poverty can drive social instability. We are to establish Policies that aim to promote sustainable economic growth, create job opportunities, and reduce disparities can help mitigate conflict triggers.
  6. Build strong community relationships: Encourage community engagement, social cohesion, and active participation in decision-making processes. Establishing Policies that support grassroots initiatives, community-based organizations and local governance to foster trust, cooperation and resilience against violence.
  7. Prioritize interoperation: Collaboration with regional and global partners is crucial to address trans-communal issues, such as terrorism, organized crime, and conflicts that transcend borders. We will put in place Policies promoting diplomacy, multilateralism, and cooperation in peace-building efforts can enhance communal/global security.

Despite the considerable resources that endow the area, Isuikwuato still suffers from economic stagnation, declining welfare standards and social instability.
The creation and development of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is, in part, the responsibility of the Local Government.
If I am chosen Chairman, we would consult and work with experts to identify all avenues of revenue generation and business growth, while looking at key policies like;

  1. Improve business environment: We will streamline bureaucratic processes, reduce excessive regulations, and enhance transparency to encourage entrepreneurship and attract investment. Providing incentives for local businesses, such as tax breaks or grants, can stimulate economic activity.
  2. Diversify the economy: We are sworn to identify and promote sectors with growth potential in the region. This can involve supporting industries that align with local resources, skills, and comparative advantages. Encouraging innovation, research and development, and fostering entrepreneurship.
  3. Enhance infrastructure development: We shall invest in critical infrastructure, such as roads, electricity, water supply, and telecommunications. Modern infrastructure attracts businesses, lowers production costs, and improves connectivity, thereby fostering economic growth.
  4. Develop human capital: We will prioritize education and skills development to equip the local workforce with the competencies needed for emerging industries. Collaborate with educational institutions and businesses to align training programs with market demands.
  5. Encourage regional integration: We will explore opportunities for regional cooperation and trade. Forming partnerships or joining economic blocs to unlock access to larger markets, enhance competitiveness, and attract investment to the local economy.
  6. Support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): SMEs are often the backbone of local economies. We intend to offer financial assistance, technical support, and capacity-building programs to help them thrive. Foster networking opportunities and promote access to finance through microfinance initiatives or backed loan schemes.
  7. Strengthen local governance and institutions: We must ensure transparent and accountable governance to attract investors and build trust. Develop anti-corruption measures, strengthen the rule of law, and promote good governance practices. Effective public financial management is crucial to maximize revenue generation while preventing mismanagement.
  8. Promote tourism and cultural heritage: We are intrigued to identify and promote local attractions, cultural heritage sites, and tourism potential. Developing tourism infrastructure, marketing campaigns, and training programs for hospitality services can boost the local economy and create employment opportunities.
  9. Seek external support and partnerships: We will collaborate with development partners, NGOs, and international organizations to access technical expertise, funding, and capacity-building. Engage in public-private partnerships to leverage resources and expertise for local development projects.
  10. Encourage citizen participation and entrepreneurship: It is our utmost intention to involve communities in decision-making processes and mobilize their potential for grassroots entrepreneurship and innovation. Encourage community-led initiatives and social enterprises that address local challenges.

We will consider factors such as available resources, market conditions, local culture, and the unique challenges faced by the region. Consulting with local stakeholders and economic experts is essential for designing and implementing effective policies in Isuikwuato.

Sport is a vital element in creating social harmony, patriotism andself-development.
Isuikwuato requires a stadium complex whereby sporting skills canbe promoted and developed.
I pledge to develop a stadium and commit the Local Government into promoting our sports men and woman to national and international level.
The importance of youth employment and job creation cannot be over-emphasised. My tenth pledge is to;
Enable interest free loans to traders and artisans via a small trader’s special credit scheme.
Build a skill acquisition centre for training skills in various disciplines including agriculture, auto mechanics, IT, furniture making, high tech welding, art and cultural skills and the like.
Establish a structured and efficient business centre to assist in business generation – micro to medium enterprises.
Introduce vocational training against topics such as drug abuse, prostitution, disease transmission and cultism.

Education and Training: We will develop a comprehensive entrepreneurship education program in schools and colleges to equip young people with the necessary skills and knowledge. Offer specialized training programs and workshops focused on entrepreneurial skills development.

Access to Capital: We will create funding opportunities, such as grants, loans, or investment programs specifically targeted at young entrepreneurs. Collaborate with financial institutions, angel investors, and venture capitalists to provide necessary capital for start-up businesses.

Mentorship and Guidance: We will establish mentorship programs where experienced entrepreneurs can provide guidance and support to young entrepreneurs. Encourage successful entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experiences through mentoring initiatives.

Networking and Collaboration: My administration will foster an ecosystem that promotes networking and collaboration among young entrepreneurs. Organize networking events, conferences, and start-up competitions to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with industry professionals, potential partners, and investors.

Regulatory Support: We will streamline the regulatory processes and reduce bureaucratic barriers for young entrepreneurs. Implement policies that encourage ease of doing business, simplify licensing procedures, and provide tax incentives for start-ups and small businesses.

Innovation and Technology: We will encourage the use of technology and innovation in entrepreneurial ventures. Promote access to infrastructure, such as co-working spaces and incubation centres, which offer resources and support for young entrepreneurs to develop and scale their businesses.

Market Access: My administration will facilitate opportunities for young entrepreneurs to access local markets. Connect them with potential customers, distributors, and retailers through business networks and platforms.

Awareness and Outreach: We will conduct awareness campaigns to promote the benefits of entrepreneurship and highlight success stories of young entrepreneurs. Engage with the local community through workshops, seminars, and media platforms to create a culture that values and supports youth entrepreneurship.

The importance of the role of our women and the youth within our society is often underestimated and undermined.
We intend to provide training and mentoring to better position these important sectors of our society in order that, through greater understanding, women and youths are empowered to participate in all matters of policing making and project development.
We will restructure and reposition the Local Government Dept. of women’s affairs in order that its mandate can be effectively discharged through equitable representation.
The youth of our society are our future and it is imperative that they be educated and represented in administration and decision making, at all levels, if we are to succeed as a buoyant and sustainable society.
We will work on key basic step such as;
Education and Skill Development: My administration will ensure equal access to quality education and vocational training for women and youth. Offer specialized programs that focus on empowering them with skills relevant to their interests, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, and financial literacy.

  1. Gender-Responsive Policies: We intend to implement policies that address gender inequalities and promote women’s rights. This includes measures such as equal pay, increasing representation of women in decision-making positions, providing maternity leave, and combating gender-based violence.
  2. Mentorship and Support Networks: We will establish mentorship programs and support networks that connect women and youth with experienced professionals and role models in their fields of interest. Encourage successful individuals to share their knowledge and experiences to empower and guide aspiring women and youth.
  3. Access to Finance: We will facilitate access to financial resources for women and youth entrepreneurs. Implement financial schemes, grants, and microfinance programs specifically designed to support their ventures. Encourage collaboration with financial institutions and organizations that focus on women and youth empowerment.
  4. Comprehensive Health and Well-being: We intend promote comprehensive healthcare services that address the specific needs of women and youth. This includes reproductive health services, mental health support, and access to information about healthy lifestyles.
  5. Economic Opportunities and Employment: My administration will create an enabling environment for women and youth to access diverse economic opportunities. Foster entrepreneurship, creates favourable policies for start-ups, and encourages job creation in sectors that are relevant to their skills and interests.
  6. Awareness and Advocacy: We will conduct awareness campaigns to challenge stereotypes, promote gender equality, and empower women and youth. Engage with the local community through workshops, seminars, and media platforms to raise awareness about their rights, talents, and contributions.
  7. Collaborations and Partnerships: My administration intends to foster partnerships with civil society organizations, NGOs, private sector entities, and government agencies to collaborate on programs, projects, and initiatives that promote women and youth empowerment, leveraging the strengths and resources of each partner.

We will form and introduce a Community Development Committee (CDC) for the purpose of bringing together and representing, all sectors within the administrative area of our Local Government.
The core purpose of the CDC, through equitable representation, will be that of cohesion whereby the execution of relevant development may be tailored to best suit the community and avoid citizens from becoming des-enfranchised.
Through good strategies and consultation/inclusion, we, as a community will be better equipped to develop our community which is so dear to our hearts.

Dear Reader,
Thank you to everyone who took the time to read our manifesto. We appreciate your interest in and participation in our ideas of building the Isuikwuato of our dreams. Your assistance and attention are priceless to us.
Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the loyal Isuikwuato members who have already dedicated their support to a solid and meaningful vision.
Long live the Isuikwuato Local Government and its People!
In all sincerity

Kingsley Kelechukwu Okoronkwo
For Chairman, Isuikwuato Local Government Council
08036930558, 08027440093

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