Abia PDP’s Latest Format For Trouble And The Dangers Of Political Octopussy – By Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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Abia PDP that lost election in a most disgraceful manner after taking the people for a ride for 24 years of nothing to show but political roguery has assumed a new trademark of the octopus. Like the octopus, they’re gliding about treacherously and devilishly looking or shopping for trouble. This is their latest format to keep us breathless and melodramatic like the famous James Bond of the 007 fame in Octopussy. Their pretentious serial mischief has even assumed an orgy of hyper dramatic dimension. They are on a shopping spree of any trouble money can buy. They have become the proverbial “nkelu” of the famous Ohafia War Dance folklore that looked for how to buy trouble until trouble visited one day and he troubled not anymore.

Abia PDP will eventually calm after May 29th, when the real trouble will come visiting. It is a day in history appointed by God Almighty that life will bless most of us dramatis personae to witness.

But why is Abia PDP that has governed the State since 1999 until now, so afraid to give up power? What is it that is so troubling to many of them? Why are they running from pillar to post crisscrossing the entire northern Nigeria and looking for illegal court orders?, just anything to latch on. It is so shameful.

The tons of cash they so recklessly ferry around to the Alhajis can also be paid back to Abians, the real owners of the money to buy back their freedom and liberty. Afterall it is only a question of negotiation.

Abia politicians are the most wicked lot on planet earth you can ever imagine. They will prefer to take the stolen monies to strangers than for anyone to ever smell it here. That is the trouble that will await them once Dr. Alex Otti takes over on the 29th of May. That handover date is sacrosanct irrespective of the shenanigans and hot potatoes at display.

I have always known that these hasslers and huslers will one day lend themselves to Yakubu Mahmoud of INEC who’s evil eyes have not left Abia alone since he was forced to swallow back his vomit. It is not impossible for Mahmoud and anti Abia forces to try to pull a fast one against Abians who trooped out in their numbers to vote for Labour Party and Dr. Alex Otti to stop them from stealing our results.

Abia people are also everready anytime to go out enmass to defend our votes for Dr, Alex Otti to resume work at Abia government lodge and start the process of rebuilding the state afresh. No Jupiter can stop that from happening.

PDP in Abia State was roundly defeated in the Election of the 18th of March, 2023 and that is what matters for now. INEC proxy wars against Peter Obi and Labour Party and their mendacity to resort to illegal court orders and motions to upturn the will of the people cannot stand. It can only lead to chaos and anarchy.

As PDP in Abia State and Ikpeazu ascends the ladder of treachery from hauling tons of junk election materials to tons of looted cash to usurp an election that they lost so spectacularly, they must realise that Abia people are wide awake and watching their every move.

Removing Otti can only start and finish at the court of competent jurisdiction and not from the kangaroo court at Jankara market. The Kangaroo court papers they’re busy shopping for can never override the properly constituted tribunal set up to try the case. So they should be advised to go to the tribunal for their shopping spree.

Hopefully, May 29th handover ceremonies are in top flight across the country. The devilish and treacherous octopus will eventually be calmed by the events of history. So help us God.
All hail Dr. Alex Otti, all hail the new Abia State.

Odo Ijere, Okpotemba Ohafia.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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