PDP’s Synthetic Love For Abia And Abians – By Umar Omai Esq.,Abia State LMPO Coordinator

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I see in the Abia PDP a party seized with the Caliban syndrome. They are projecting their depraved habit of manipulating the populace onto the Labour Party and Dr Alex Otti. PDP has become a parody of itself. A party whose leaders have, for nearly a quarter of a century, pillaged the Abia State public treasury, enriched and fattened themselves at the expense of the hapless citizens, who have been abandoned to die in grinding poverty with dilapidation greeting you everywhere you go. Perhaps it is time that someone reminded them that what Abians want to see in their leader is good governance, social justice, integrity, and honesty, not hypocrisy, corruption and lies which have hitherto characterized the PDP governments in Abia.

Perhaps we have to let these characters know that we are not all fools as they probably think. We should know a treasonable plot when we see one. It is therefore an infantile impudence on the part of one Elder Abraham Amah, who described himself as Abia PDP Vice-Chairman/Publicity Secretary, to struggle to deny the obvious. Evidence abounds that agents of the Abia State Government working in cahoots with a agents of the APC, and bought INEC officials were and are behind the Federal High Court order issued in faraway Kano State. The order is tainted with illegality and procedural impropriety. Upon the issuance of the illegal order, the said PDP agents and their cheerleaders rang out in shameless jubilation.

In the words of Amah, ‘The judgement of the Federal High Court was made in good faith and the jurisdiction of a federal high court in Nigeria covers the entire Nigerian federation. The applicant who went to court to seek for the reliefs is a citizen of Kano State and should not have come to Umuahia, Aba or Ohafia to file his application.’

Sorry, Elder Amah, but that is a show of your ignorance. Your jubilation suggests to discerning minds that Abia State has become a vassal of Kano State. In reality, the so-called applicant in Kano is a mere straw man. Kano was selected as a convenient forum. His application was engineered to come before Justice Yunusa for hearing. A Judge whi was recently recalled from protracted suspension on account of briberies and gifts he was alleged to have received in order to pervert his judgment in favour the applicants. He is infamous for handing down controversial judgments of this type. His orders are a reproach to the Judiciary. The Judges relied on a technicality to escape compulsory retirement from the bench. There is therefore nothing contemptuous or actionable about criticising as tainted a court order issued by a Court against persons behind their backs, disregarding the persons’ constitutional rights of fair hearing and disregarding the Court’s own conscience.

There is no doubt that the Federal High Court has nation-wide jurisdiction, but not in pre-election matters such as were canvassed before the Kano Court.

It is also very surprising that Elder Amah is accusing Labour Party and Alex Otti of advising Abians to ignore the judgment, forgetting that the judgment itself took a lucid time out to warn that the judgment was inapplicable to LP Governor-elect and Members-elect in Abia State. That, again, proved that the Judge himself knew how far he had progressed in error and transgressed the Constitution. Such error and transgression verged on judicial rascality that could readily have been seized upon by the criminal elements in PDP to create chaos and raise general disturbance in Abia State. If Labour Party and Otti are fretting about the said inconsequential order, as Amah put it, they are fretting not because the order is binding on them, but because they know to their cost the criminal antecedents of PDP in the State. One of their most recent acts of criminality, of which we all are living witnesses was the electoral heist they attempted to pull off with Obingwa election results. They brought illegitimate pressures upon the INEC lady to manipulate the results and ask Otti to go to Court. In case Elder Amah and those who sent him to pen down the rubbish are ignorant of this, an attempted electoral crime is a crime in itself for which Ikpeazụ and the PDP henchmen like Amah must take the rap in due course.

PDP is like a drowning man, thrashing about in a neck-deep ocean of crime against the people, now clutching at straws, and looking for who to blame for their accumulated misdeeds against Abians. They are pretending to love Abia and Abians and would want them not to be plunged into chaos. That is synthetic love at its best. There can be no worse chaotic condition that the one their quarter-century-long maladministration has put us in. Abians have suffered enough at the hands of these wicked oppressors. Robbing it in would be monstrously unfair to the people who have been held down for so long a time. The just concluded election has simply demanded that they take their knee off our neck so that we can breathe again! If there be any ounce of feeling of shame left in Ikpeazụ and his henchmen like Amah, they should keep their mouths damn shut as they wind down and take the exit door. ✍️ Uma Omai, Esq., Abia State LMPO Coordinator

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