Our Choices Are Limited Now; Our Country Is Dressed Up With No Where To Go – Pat Utomi

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Now, Our Choices Are Limited, So If We Can’t Leave The Country Now, We’ll Be Consumed By It—Utomi

During an interview with Arise , the founder of the Center for Values in Leadership, Pat Utomi, stated that the choices before us now are limited, pointing out that if we can’t leave the country now, we’ll be consumed by it.

He further stated that one public official who manipulated the election for his own personal interest is trying to ensure that the country has full-blown fascism. 

According to him, “one public official who manipulates things to suit a personal need, whether it is political, idealogical, or money-induced, ultimately crushes even that person.” That trajectory Nigeria is traveling suggests that we may have full-blown fascism from this process, and this fascism will engage the road to Afghanistan. At that time, the choices before us will be limited. “One, if you can, you leave the country; two, if you can’t, you’ll be consumed by it; or if we can all think together now and recognize that our country is all dressed up with no where to go,”

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By Abia ThinkTank

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