Right Of Reply: John Chukwu Is A Discarded Rotten Egg, Sacked By Bishop Emeka Nwamkpa On 21st November 2022 – Emeka Nwamkpa Campaign Organization

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Abia Guber 2023: John Chukwu is a discarded rotten egg, sacked by Bishop Emeka Nwankpa on 21st November 2022 – Emeka Nwankpa Campaign Organization

The attention of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa Campaign Organization has been drawn to a press conference by one John Chukwu and other sacked members of the Accord Party wherein the ‘medical doctor’ and Assemblies of God ‘pastor’ said that he and his co-travellers have left the campaign organisation of Bishop Emeka, the Accord Party governorship candidate in the 2023 governorship election.

It is important to state that (Rev Dr?) John Chukwu was ignominiously sacked by Bishop Emeka Nwankpa Campaign Organization on 21st November, 2022. This leaves us to wonder how someone sacked on 21st November could come back to resign on 15th of December. The following statement issued to this effect on 21st November suffices:


Accord Party Sacks Deputy Director-General of Campaign Council

The Accord Party has sacked Dr Chukwu John who, until his sack, was the Deputy Director-General of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa Campaign Council.

The sack, will takes an immediate effect, is hinged on a litany of anti-party activities and official misconducts which Dr Chukwu John has indulged himself in.

Further to this, the Campaign Council of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa urges its members to remain resolute in their resolve to help build the new Abia which Bishop Emeka Nwankpa is committed to achieving.”

Further to the above, the Campaign Organization of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa discovered several false and unverifiable claims and an avalanche of lies by John Chukwu. How can Bishop Emeka Nwankpa trust and associate with a man who claims what he is not, and has never been?

It is instructive to point out that Bishop Emeka Nwankpa is a man of high pedigree and impeccable integrity and would not want to associate with a man of unstable character like John Chukwu, hence his sack on 21st November.

This is a man who has transversed three parties in the past three months. First, he was in the SDP, then the Accord Party, and now ADC. One thing that makes us happy is that the ADC would have a taste of John Chukwu’s meals. It will serve John Chukwu well to restrain himself from further mentioning the name of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa and the Accord Party lest we open a can of worms on him because we are armed with his dirty records.

Bishop Emeka Nwankpa and the Accord Party remain unshaken in their resolve to win the March 11 2022 governorship election and save Abia State from its pitiable state. Not even a hundred thousand John Chukwus can stop us.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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