A Special National Award For Abubakar Malami – By Engr. Odo Ijere( Okpotemba Ohafia)

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The ruling of the Umuahia High Court ordering the FG to return Nnamdi Kanu back to Kenya and pay him a compensation of N500,000,000 Naira is a trite ruling that indeed has called a spade by its name.

I had written in my many past submissions that Alhaji Abubakar Malami SAN will end up embarrassing this nation because of his empty ego trip. He has proved beyond doubts that he’s a luminary nincompoop in the legal profession he professes.

An Attorney General that is totally brain dead and a disgrace to the legal profession. An ethnic bigot that is emotionally selective and psychologically stripped. An ethno religious extremist with pathological myopia.

As Attorney General, he promoted identity profiling and segregated Nigerians between his ethno religious tribe and the indigenous population. He took on non fulani tribes as strangers in their own country. He put justice on its head just to serve his myopic sentiment.

Abubakar Malami sees the rest of the indigenous population of Nigeria as conquered people who must remain serfs and vassals. His reign as Attorney General denied citizenship to Nigerians not of his ethnic stock. He’s just a disaster to the law profession and to justice.

His pick as the Attorney General of the Federation underscored the clamor for a constitutional ammendment to separate the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation from that of the Minister of Justice. An ammendment that is more than justified by his spectacular flop in discharging his duties.

He’s also corruption personified with plethora of illicit and dirty deals. He was involved in swooping the governors of huge sums of Paris refunds using unsolicited consultants. He alone pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds just like that, in one of the sleaziest heists of this Buhari government.

He declared interest to become the next governor of his state and singlehandedly bankrolled campaign vehicle purchases of about a thousand cars. Ostensibly spending from the money he scammed the governors. The governors cried wolf but no one could help them against the almighty Attorney General of the Federation.

In order to cover his numerous flaps, he descended on Nnamdi Kanu, the only issue that offers him immunity to carry on with impunity. At the mention of Nnamdi Kanu he’s given a blank check to sign any amount for himself.

I had advised in many of my recent pieces that Nnamdi Kanu has no case to answer in Nigeria courts because of the ill manner of his capture. I had advised that the international community can never look the other way while a global citizen and freedom fighter of global clout like Nnamdi Kanu is captured in a foreign land, in a gestapo style, tortured and kidnapped in an illegal rendition to face trial in Nigeria.

Abubakar Malami and co took their luck too far and deluded themselves into thinking that Nigeria as a sovereign State has such clout in international diplomacy and politics to carry out such rascality and be left alone in today’s new world order. Nigeria is not Israel nor is it a world power.

Nigeria that could not tackle internal insurrection, banditry and terrorism suddenly assuming the role of a nuclear power. Its quite pathetic when a butterfly thinks itself a bird.

The United Nations had no choice than to order Nnamdi Kanu”s release and for compensation to be paid after Malami and co failed to answer to clarifications sought by the UN on how he was brought back from Kenya to Nigeria.

Instead of Malami and co to understand that their game was up and to negotiate a soft landing offered to them by the Appeal Court to let Kanu go, he allowed his ego to take a better side of him.

He advised that Kanu be withheld against court judgement in flagrant contempt of court.

He continued to grandstand by rushing to the Supreme Court to harrangue the Lord Justices but they were smarter than him and asked him to go and obtain a stay of execution of earlier judgement on the matter.

This was after he punished the judges that ruled for acquittal of Nnamdi Kanu by ordering their postings in a most ignominious manner. On going back for the stay of execution, he obviously hit a brick wall as the Lord justices of the Appeal Court again ordered him to go and discharge his captive in obedience of earlier order.

He has no way to go again. Then the final clincher came from the State High Court in Umuahia in the case of illegal extradition of Nnamdi Kanu wherefrom the Federal Government led by the almighty Malami again lost to Kanu and was ordered to pay a whopping N500,000,000 compensation to Kanu and escort him back to Kenya with probably the Nigeria presidential jet.

What an irony, what a shame, what a disgrace. In a sane country, Abubakar Malami should have been heading to jail by now. But I’m sure he will soon be offered a special national award of Commander of the order of the Niger to compensate him for a job well done. What a Nigeria world.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba Ohafia.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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