2023: Rare Leadership Qualities of Bishop Sunday Onuoha That Make His Political Opponents Freak Out Of Balance – By Prince Okwara Agwu

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Rare exceptional leadership qualities of Bishop Dr. Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha that makes his political opponents freak out of balance.*

*A. He is extraordinary transparent in all he does.*

*B. He loves the good, hardworking people of Abia state more than anything else.*

*C. He is at home with his people. He knows his people by their faces and names.*

*D. He is patient and consistent in listening to his people.*

*E. He is accessible and very friendly to those in contact with him.*

*F. He is always available to mourn with his people when they are mourning and celebrate with them when they are celebrating.*

*G. He believes in equity, social justice and  fairness.*

*H. He has written his name in gold in the life of many.*

*I. His exceptional wind of philanthropy will change the old narrative of politicking.*

*J.  His timely response to issues has made him outstanding.*

*K. He is the only candidate in Abia State that responds to calls and text messages from both his supporters and none supporters.*

*L. His love for things of the Lord, his dedication to the works of the Almighty God has given him a powerful edge to overcome all his  opponents.*

*M. His perseverance and commitment to doing his work are exemplary. He has proven that he is excellent in taking high level of responsibilities.*
*Kudos to our incoming Governor.*

*God bless.*
*I remain Prince Okwara Agwu.*

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By Abia ThinkTank

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