Nigeria @ 62: The Emergency ‘Patriots’ By Aima Imaobong Akpan

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It’s 1st October once again.
The day Nigeria as a Mother Nation receives different compliments, prayers and insults as the case may be from her citizens.

Nigeria is many things to all of us.

I do not know what she means to you but I’m here to remind those who saw her as a Zoo just few years, months and weeks ago of their unthoughtfulness and extreme lack of discretion.

Nigeria, a Zoo???

Yeah, that’s the name most of the Protesters and Rallyists today called her before they recently had a curious change of mind.

To a casual observer, the name may have come as a result of anger and frustration from misgovernance, but it is misplaced because individual leaders are different from Country.
Patriotism is to the nation and not a person.

So if you call your Country of birth a Zoo, might that suggest you’re an Animal?? A Chimpanzee?? Or a Chameleon?? Which of them are you??

But I dare say it is beyond misgovernance because these woes and hues weren’t heard from the ‘Zoologists’ before 2015 when “their preferred” held sway.
Nigeria became a Zoo only after 2015.

Once again, they’re back to marching and ‘praying’, not necessarily for Nigeria, but for their “New Preferred” to be in power. That is the only condition for them to believe in Nigeria, anything else is Scam.

The interesting thing to note about this bunch is that, if their “Preferred” is in power, whether they meet up with expectations of good governance or not, isn’t a problem in anyway, they’re satisfied with just the presence of a mediocre leader as long as he’s “their Choice”.

And if you’re not their Favorite?
No matter the level of excellence you display you can never be enough until you’re out of power.

A clear example is with GEJ/PMB.

One of the first things PMB did when he came onboard was pay Biafran soldiers Pensions.
He built the Mausoleum to honor Nnamdi Azikiwe, and went ahead to finally construct the 2nd Niger Bridge that previous administrations tried and failed for over 30 years. And then others…
One would think these guys will at least acknowledge and give the current President some Kudos. Nahhhhhhhh

Ask them to mention one outstanding legacy GEJ laid for them, it’ll be a task of searching for a needle in a haystack. But I’m sure you can already imagine how they’d have treated Jonathan if he did half of what PMB has done 🀷. QED

So, when you see them aggressively wave Nigerian flag today, ask them if it’s for Country or an Individual.
And most importantly, if their Favorite doesn’t win the Presidential elections next year, will they still wave the flag and pray for her??

Are you a Real or an Emergency (Fake) Patriot??

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Imaobong Akpan
Coordinator, Young Women Arise for Tinubu and Shettima YOWATS

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By Abia ThinkTank

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