2023 Presidency: God Has Revealed To Me The Next Nigerian President – Premate Ayodele

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God Has Told me Who Will Become Next President But… —Primate Ayodele

Popular seer, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church with headquarters in Lagos, in this interview, speaks on what Nigeria should expect ahead the 2023 election and Nigeria’s independence celebration, among other issues.

It is less than seven months to the 2023 general election, should Nigerians be concerned given the current situation of things?

Remember that I predicted that there would be a change of government in Italy, and if care is not taken, a female president would emerge. It has happened. I have repeatedly said it that later, women would take over the leadership of all European countries. I also warned that flood disaster would break out in Europe. These are some of the fulfilled prophecies. Also look at the issue of the change of name of Chelsea. I prophesied a long time ago that the name of Chelsea would be changed. I said this when nobody ever thought of a name change for Chelsea. This is not an issue to people like us.

The 2023 general election is almost here but I must tell you again that God is against the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC). God will go against pastors who support the Muslim-Muslim ticket. God will cause bitterness permanently in their lives. God will not give any Christian rest who supports any Muslim-Muslim ticket. This ticket is not healthy for our nation. It is not good for Nigeria; it is not good for Christianity. There is a satanic agenda in that ticket which Nigeria will regret in the nearest future. I am not against any political party. Any political party can win the election. I am not a politician and I can’t be in support of anybody. Politicians have ruined this nation. Those who have ruined this nation will not have rest in death. Mark my words.

Let me quickly add that Theophilus Danjuma, Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Kessington Adebutu, Edwin Clarke, Yakubu Gowon, Emeka Anyaoku, should all pray for their lives and health. Dangote group may have issues. BUA group companies will make progress; it would get some things right. These companies should pray for their businesses.

Nigeria is currently celebrating her independence. What is your assessment of things so far?

Nigeria has not achieved what it is supposed to have achieved. We have not gotten to where we should be. There is no independence to celebrate; it is just like Nigeria is in bondage. The Academic Staff Union of Universities is on strike. There is biting hunger in the land. We need prayers. This is a moment of sober reflection. I honestly pray that the Lord will help our government to put everything in place, appropriately. Our naira is depreciating in value. Nigeria is unhealthy and we have an unhealthy government. All of these have collapsed the structure of governance in Nigeria. One is bleeding internally.

So many people are focused on the various presidential candidates. Shouldn’t Nigerians be worried about the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)?

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) must produce for Nigeria a democratic system of government. INEC must not corrupt the system; if it corrupts the system, it will also witness the anger of God. Nigeria is not making progress at all; there is bitterness everywhere. People are in tears. Our nation is experiencing a very terrible situation. To be sincere and honest, ethnicity and religion are not answers to Nigeria’s problems. The answer is in a leader that is competent and capable; this is who we need. But if we are too sectional, 2023 will cause a lot for Nigeria; 2023 might create what we do not pray for. The nation might not explode in 2023 but it may cause us to lose our democracy if we are not careful. Let there be justice; let people’s voices be heard. I tell you honestly, the election will be tough.

I am not reading the situation of things politically. I am saying as said by the Lord. Among Tinubu, Atiku and Obi, one person must emerge. Sometimes we work against God’s direction. If I say A will win, people will use it against me. I am not bothered. I am only answerable to God. I said it in 2019 that it is only Saraki that will make Nigeria great but people were against me. They called me a PDP prophet. I told them then that it was impossible for Atiku to win against Buhari.

Let’s pray that the 2023 election would reflect our independence as a nation; let it reflect our maturity. This is so that the international community will not mock us. Some Nigerians want Obi; some sections want Tinubu; Northerners want Atiku. Nigerians will miss it if they go by religion and ethnicity. We need someone who is experienced, someone who will do it better, someone who will move Nigeria forward. God has revealed to me who will be Nigeria’s next president. But he has not said I should declare the name of the person. People’s opinions and comments do not add any value to my life. The only person that I am answerable to is God. Three people are struggling to govern Nigeria, but at the end of the day, only one person will get it. A lot will happen before, during and after 2023. Nigeria must not lose it before 2023. Forget about where the president is coming from, but what is the will and direction of God? We are talking about God’s direction. I was confident that a woman would emerge as Italy’s president. Look at the UK election, I told the world that a woman would emerge. It is the turn of women to reshape the world. It has a lot of meaning. If America is not careful, a woman may emerge as president; perhaps Joe Biden may not be able to function properly at the end of the day.

Everybody has their own features spiritually. The sovereignty of Nigeria is not negotiable and we have to really address this carefully. If we give power to the wrong person, Nigeria will suffer for it. This is the time that we need directives from Christian prophets and other true religious leaders among the Muslims. We need the best among these religious leaders. It is possible that the candidate that I want to support might not be the wish of God. If I say I want a particular person and God says no, what do I do? I can do nothing.

Nyesom Wike will regret his actions if he doesn’t take it easy. Those who are singing his ‘hosanna’ today will betray him tomorrow. He should calm down; let them go and fight for the victory. He must come back home. I am telling him as God directs. If he goes to any other party, Wike will be ridiculed politically. If Wike stays in PDP, there is no guarantee that the PDP will win; if he leaves the PDP, it does not mean that the PDP will lose. But if he leaves the PDP today for another party, he will pay dearly for it. He will be embarrassed; he will be put to shame. He should go and settle amicably with his party. He should not allow anyone to push him; he should stop all the noise. Seyi Makinde should put his house in order so that he would not lose his chances. The manner he is playing his politics would later affect him; let him desist right now and be focused more. He has a tomorrow politically; he should not allow any error to affect that tomorrow. I am talking as a father in the Lord. I am acting as the Lord has directed.

The Federal Government would create more poverty and unemployment with taxation and telecommunications.

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