2023: Putting an End To Abia State Political Insomnia – Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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This is a time when all lovers of Abia State and who patently feel disturbed by our state of hopelessness may not find sleep easily. Why sleep when it was the same sleeping to stupor since 1999 that destroyed an entire political generation.

Our political history from 1999 to 2023 was left in the hands of three misfits, OUK to TAO to OVI with their irredeemable narrow circle of family and friends. They represent the most visionless class of homo sapiens to preside over human species. They together stole 80% of our common patrimony within the period under review and are together still holding patency over our state either directly or through their cronies.

The pathetic scenario is that these denizens of debauchery are still holding the state hostage instead of calling themselves to order and allowing the people to go. But biblical history teaches us that Pharaoh will not let go unless the people rebel and revolt.

While OUK is still shamelessly campaigning to return to the Senate in apparent but empty scheme to become the next Senate President under Tinubu, he’s also very busy at home bankrolling his junior brother, Mascot Uzo Kalu to become the next governor from Abia North, under APP. In all of these selfish schemes, nothing is their for Abia people’s redemption.

TAO and his son and Speaker of the House of Assembly are on their own side drafting Chinedum Orji, aka Ikuku to the House of Representatives and at the same time working for one of the governorship candidates whose name I won’t mention now. If they succeed, Abia State will remain under their chokehold or their knees will remain on our necks for another probable 8yrs.

TAO and his son cannot count at any achievement in their name except N500 billion theft case publicised by the EFCC in 2019 and which case they managed to keep out of court by massive cash outs of corrupt officials. This family couldn’t offer anything to the state in their 8yrs sojourn not through their puppet and certainly won’t be through a new surrogate governor. TAO and his son are just a disaster.

Now comes the incumbent himself with his remaining 7 years in power. He’s now struggling to make a statement at least with infrastructure in Aba where he managed to deliver one flyover in 7years. The people are still asking what happened to the World Bank N27 Billion naira financed Aba infrastructural renewal projects through NEWMAP which was said to have been embezzled. Most projects are still largely on paper without site. Allegations are rife that most of his purported deliveries are hyped and nonexistent. Most project are on pipeline or still just a pipedream at the twilight of his administration. But Okezie Ikpeazu is unmoved by critics prompting him to challenge everyone to go and put billboard on their own projects.

He has proudly hoisted his own flag on the singular flyover at Osisioma. This is at a time Ebonyi state, much less a rich state is celebrating 13 flyovers across their state, and one of the flyovers at Eyere to connect Abia State has 13 spans as against the 4 spans flyover at Osisioma. What a tribe of governors we’ve been blessed or caused with since 1999?

That is why I challenge Abians to sleep less these days because we must collectively decide who will be on that seat of power in Umuahia. We must look for a strong individual with stellar qualities and driven by ideas. We now know the pretenders and the serious ones among the candidates.

We have seen from the ongoing consultations who is more prepared to lead the new Abia. We know the candidates that have traversed all the local governments and now have local government coordinators. We know the candidates that have reached out to local leaders. We know the candidates that can reach out to INEC, Security Agencies etcetera to protect his results.

This is not going to be a party propelled election but candidate propelled election. Everything will begin and end with the candidate. Therefore a charismatic and ideas driven candidate is key. All those candidates (we know them) who are constantly looking back at the body languages of their godfathers will be rejected intoto. By their fruits we shall identify them.
The coming few weeks will be pointer to us who really is in the race to end 24 years of evil familocracy in Abia State.
Odo Ijere, Okpotemba of Ohafia.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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