Tales of Intimidation & Molestation by Rt. Hon. Nkiru Onyejiocha Spurious – Bar. Chetachi Obi Nwoke

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You have just ended up exposing your intellectual bankruptcy.

So, you are dealing with a kidnapper/ informant and you are not ashamed of yourself.

You think you can play politics with everything including security issues?

Find other ways to win election for your friend Barr Loveth Ofoegbu, because this your method of trying to attract electoral sympathy for your friend by spreading of falsehood is so petty and dead on arrival.

Onye journalism, listen to your fake story and advice yourself, I think you are responsible?

Someone cooked up a story and told you and you didn’t deem it proper to find out the truth, you allowed petty jealous to becloud your right sense of understanding and judgement, I don’t blame.

I am waiting for you, just push further so that we can settle it once and for all.

People like you should stop encouraging evil, all in the name of politics, stop supporting Kidnappers and their informants, ala Isuochi will not spare you people.

So, your informant told you that who sent police to arrest him? And for what reason if I may ask?

So, he didn’t tell you how he boasted that people will continue to disappear along Amuda / Umuaku road?

So,, he didn’t tell you that he pleaded with me to pay his bill and got infuriated when I didn’t respond?

So, he didn’t tell you that he was arrested by patrol team from anti kidnapping unit Umuahia who were on patrol at Umunneochi and who were at the same venue where he was boasting that people will be disappearing along that road?

So, he didn’t tell you that he pleaded that the matter should end there when he realised the implementation of his self indicting comment regarding the kidnapping activities along Amuda /Umuaku Road?

So, he lied to you that your representative as you alleged ordered for his arrest?

So, he didn’t tell you that an incriminating object was found on him?

Be ready to prove any of the silly allegations you raised in your infantile write up.


Bar. Chetachi Obi Nwoke

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By Abia ThinkTank

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