Prospects of HOPE 2023, Yahaya Bello Presidential Campaign

Yahaya Bello
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By Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr

“Every generation out of relative obscurity discovers its mission, fulfills it or betrays it.” –.

 Frantz Fanon

Three decades ago there was a movement that shook all known socio-political foundation in our nation’s historicity. It was a watershed. It was captioned HOPE ’93. It was a movement and a moment. It had Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola MKO as the visioner, the driver and the candidate. It was a Muslim/Muslim ticket with Babagana Kingibe as running mate, indiscriminate of creed or clan. And they won the election that was highly adjudged the freest and the fairest in the annals of our nation.

Today that HOPE resonates in the person of Governor Yahaya Bello GYB, the resurgence of the HOPE mantra is instructive in so many ways. In 1993 it was about FAREWELL TO HUNGER AND POVERTY. Unfortunately 30years after, the issues remain. Sadly it is still about hunger, poverty, job creation, infrastructural development, security, energy and power, resource control, devolution of power, true fiscal federalism and the diversification of our economy. A score years and ten after, Nigerians crave the rebirth of HOPE, and that is why we are here today.

The Yahaya Bello Campaign Organization is committed to making real the promises of democracy, which must translate simply into better life for the masses of our people. HOPE 2023 holds great promise for a nation in dire need of new values and tendencies in governance. Hope 2023 is about politics and business unusual. Hope 2023 is about youth inclusiveness and gender parity. Hope 2023 is about improved national security and brotherhood. Hope 2023 is about improved infrastructure, healthcare, job creation and improved energy. Hope 2023 is about the overhaul and the rework of our educational sector and the curriculum. And hope 2023 is about creating the enabling environment for a 21st century compliant Agricultural sector. Indeed Hope 2023 is about a ballot based peoples revolution for the good of our Dear Nation, Nigeria.

Hope 2023 is a clarion call to our nation to wake up, to rise up and to work along with Governor Yahaya Bello as we birth and berth the Country of our dreams. Hope 2023 is a commitment to new thinking in leadership. Hope 2023 is GYB’s unalterable commitment and passion for a new, prosperous and successful Nigeria.

With Hope 2023 are the profound pluses highlighted above and more, but I must add the following.

In today’s Nigeria the greatest challenge is one of security of lives and property. Having done profound in this sector, the Hope 2023 vision of GYB holds dear the primacy of lives and property, and GYB is committed to being true to what he says on paper. Compatriots, with Hope 2023 we shall have a safer Nigeria.

Hope 2023 holds a new deal for the Education sector. The urgent need for the rework of our educational curriculum is dear to GYB. As vocational and technical training is at the core of the new deal.

The Hope 2023 deal is about food sufficiency and improved Agriculture. The need for a technology driven Agricultural sector, and for Farm Settlements cannot be overemphasized. And GYB shall encourage ranching for effective livestock yield.

Improved Healthcare is at the heart of Hope 2023. The need to revamp our health care system, to improve our Teaching Hospitals and incorporate alternative medicine in the health care sector is dear to GYB.

With Hope 2023 we shall be bidding farewell to epileptic power supply. GYB is committed to doing anything and everything necessary to improve the energy sector. He is passionate about seeing that new players emerge in the energy sector who will use not only hydro but coal, wind, waste and solar in the generation of power.

The Hope 2023 vision of GYB is committed to creating a Federalism that works. The call for resource control and devolution of power shall be addressed under GYB’s watch by the Nigerian people, and together we must create a federalism that works.

Yahaya Bello
Governor Yahaya Bello

The Hope 2023 vision for Sports and Youth Development is profound. We shall engage our young people in sporting activities and shall rebuild school sports whilst creating the enabling environment for the business of sports to thrive. GYB will not only revolutionize the Sports sector to create jobs but will use the sector to successfully engage the otherwise idle.

With the Hope 2023 vision of GYB is the commitment for massive Infrastructural development, not only shall we judiciously spend resources meant for Infrastructural development, we shall deepen on Private and Public sector partnership for Infrastructural development. And GYB shall explore viable Build Operate And Transfer BOT initiatives in the Infrastructural sector.

Hope 2023 like Hope 1993 is about the abolition of POVERTY. We shall create jobs through robust engagement with the Private Sector. And shall make human capital development a matter of primacy. The GYB Hope 2023 mantra is not just another political promise, but a commitment to a new deal for the masses of our people. In Hope 2023 ladies and gentlemen is Country first, in Hope 2023 is Nigeria first, and in Hope 2023 is a new and a boisterous deal for all Nigerians indiscriminate of Region or Religion.
Thanks You.

Presented By:
Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr
National Coordinator
A Leadership And Mentorship Instructor
At the Second GYB Seminar For Nigeria’s Political And Crime Correspondents.

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