My Advice To Tinubu And The Yoruba Race After Capturing Presidential Power Thru Back Door In 2023 – By Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere

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Now that Tinubu, Buhari and few other unpatriotic tribal irridentists forcibly succeeded in determining the 2023 presidency in their favour by imposing their will on Nigerians, the Yoruba race must make sure to liberate themselves from the Fulani tribal tyranny or they will cry later.

The Fulani had through guile, subterfuge and ryness kept the Yoruba race from growing through fake religion which they don’t even believe in. With this democratic power delivered to the Yoruba alacarte, it is left for the Yoruba race to pull themselves and their economy from Fulani stranglehold or their future generations will cause them that dance owambe today if they fail to utilize their opportunity for their liberation first before celebration.

Buhari it must be remembered rode to power in 2015 through Yoruba alliance and quickly discarded it upon holding the power for 8 years. He decided to play an ethnic card by pulling a fast one against the Igbos in favour of the Yoruba at the end of his evil reign knowing he could not dribble the entire south out of power and still be able to keep the country together.

This so called Renewed Hope or Yoruba democratic power must be used to unite the south and ensure that the fulani does not retake power after 8 years.
Tinubu must work hard to build the middle belt Christians to checkmate the fulani who are enemies of progress by all rational measure, or else he and his Yoruba power brokers must devolve power to the regions for better economic propitiation.

Igbos you must know who survived three years of economic blockade during the Nigeria Civil War will outlast any amount of leadership tyranny. Its the Yoruba and other ethnic groups being spoonfed by the ravenous fulani hegemony that will continue to suffer most from the evil cycle of leadership failures.

After almost one year of Tinubu power incubation of the old order treacherously imposed by Buhari and his narrow circle of tribal hegemonists, everything seems to have gone from bad to worse with the helpless citizens not making any headway at all.

It is time for the Yoruba and Tinubu to wake up and think not time to indulge in frivolity or group amnesia. The owambe triviality and power shift mantra must change from self praise to self preservation.

This Yoruba self preservation must inculcate a paradigm of renewed national alliance for change through reconstructing a new southern and Middle Belt political and economic platform of national rebirth.

The time to start this national rebirth is now, not later. We must begin to think national politico economic reconstruction and restructuring.

Dr. Engr Odo Ijere

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By Abia ThinkTank

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