Warning To Ikpeazu’s Feeding Bottle Political Jobbers: Note Your Treachery Won’t Be Forgotten – Janny Lilly Tells Cosmos Ndukwe

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The recent defection of stakeholders and beneficiaries of the PDP to other parties after the 2023 governorship election loss is truly an eye opener. It’s shocking to see individuals who rose through the ranks from councilor to deputy chairman, chief of staff, deputy speaker, commissioners, SSA, and numerous appointments under the PDP, abandon the party that nurtured them from humble beginnings as an ordinary photographer.

In just a few months out of power, they’ve conveniently forgotten the benefits and wealth they accumulated under the PDP, which made them billionaires. Congratulations on your new party affiliation, but remember that when we discuss those who destroyed Abia state, your names will be mentioned repeatedly. Shameless political jobbers, your master in Abuja is waiting to give you another feeding bottle, but know that your treachery won’t be forgotten.

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Your disloyalty and greed are staggering, and your actions will have consequences. The PDP made you, and you’ve repaid that kindness with treachery. Enjoy your new party, but know that your names will be etched in history as those who betrayed the trust of the people and destroyed Abia state.

Janny Lily..

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By Abia ThinkTank

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