Leadership: 6 Takeaways From Gov Otti’s Lecture At The John Hopkins School Of Advanced International Studies On 19/04

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Leadership: 6 Takeaways from Gov. Alex C. Otti ‘s Lecture at the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies on 19/04

  1. Transitioning from economic dependence by about 83% of the states in Nigeria to a point of economic independence and viability requires deliberate planning and most importantly, a clear understanding of the dangers posed by the present “feeding bottle” system.
  2. If the states are to become viable to the point where they are able to meet their obligations to the citizens without recourse to Abuja, the citizens must get involved, and actively too. From following the selection of candidates at party primaries to voting the best of the lot and then holding those elected accountable, the citizens must be at the centre of the change process.
  3. Holding leaders to account would help states make the transition on two critical areas: ensure that resources are channeled aright and in tune with the realities of the social and economic space, and very importantly, help states win the support of partners including development partners and private businesses willing to invest and harness the resources of the land responsibly.
  4. The present system of near exclusive dependence on the centre for sustenance has done more harm to the country than many realise. How? Resources at the states are completely abandoned leading to unemployment and poverty while what is picked up in Abuja are shared by a few connected individuals.
  5. Nigeria has all it takes to be great but not much would change unless the states are made to work. To make states work, all stakeholders must get involved and the first order of business has to be public enlightenment. People need to be made aware of the structural defects in the system so that a consensus can be built on how to get out of the quagmire. Again, change must begin from a point of knowledge, driven by genuine patriots and leaders.
  6. Gov. Alex Otti does not just understand Abia like the back of his palms, he also has a good grasp of the challenges at the heart of the country’s malaise. Relying extensively on his publications in national dailies, most notably, Thisday newspapers, his leadership experience in the public and private sectors, the governor demonstrated, as he has done in the last 11 months, that meticulous preparation is very critical for success in senior leadership positions.

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