Surprise As Iran Launches Salvos Of Drones Attacks Against Israel, Not Through It’s Proxy

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For the first time, Iran is launching salvos of drones attacks against Israel, not through it’s proxy asymmetric tactics, but directly.

One can never be sure of the deceptive Persian military antics but it appears that the drone attacks are a first wave aimed at overwhelming Israel’s Iron Dome defense system and paving the way for ballistic missile attacks.

The UK has scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to mitigate as well as fierce Israeli allies, the US providing additional air force protection directly and by way of Intel.

What is clear is that Israel and Iran are in a de facto state of war unless an unlikely de-escalation occurs within the next few hours.

The developing crisis ultimately points to Russia as Iran aren’t foolish enough to engage Israel and it’s allies directly without a nod, an understanding with the Kremlin. Possibly as a massive distraction in the Middle East allowing Putin to overrun Ukraine ending the humiliating and expensive campaign there.

Ultimately, the near future may be a turning point for mankind as the dreaded WW3 looms with greater probability than what has ever been witnessed before.

-A worried Andy Chikwe writes from Umuakuru, Emekuku.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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