Saudi Arabia Reacts To Iranian Strikes On Israel

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Saudi Arabia Reacts To Iranian Strikes On Israel

The Saudi Foreign Ministry has expressed concerns over the “recent military escalations” in the region and their “potential severe repercussions” following Iranian drone and missile attacks directed at Israel.

In a statement published by the Saudi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on X Sunday,

“The Ministry reaffirms the Kingdom’s position that stresses the need for the (UN) Security Council to take responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, especially in this highly sensitive region for global peace and security,” the Saudi ministry added.

The ministry stressed the importance of “preventing any further exacerbation” of the crisis, warning of “dire consequences” should the situation worsen.

– Israel Intercepts Over 300 Drones Launched By Iran

Israel says alongside allies, it has intercepted more than 300 drones and missiles launched by Iran on Saturday.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a small number of missiles landed on Israeli territory, including on an IDF base in southern Israel, with one person left injured.

Saturday’s reprisal attack from Iran was the first time it has targeted Israel directly from its own soil.

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