APC Currently The Biggest Party In South East – Ifeanyi Ubah

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APC Currently The Biggest Party In South East – Ifeanyi Ubah

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Even if I’m not a member of APC, I decided to defect is APC I’m defecting to.

APC is a national party with a decentralised body under a visionary leader President Bola Ahmed, not like other parties that are based in the States level

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Labour party as at today is no longer what it used to be in 2023. Don’t ask me why because I’ve information in my fingertips

Peter Obi is not happy, Abure is dancing according to the tone of those funding him.

APC currently is the biggest party in South East. Of course you may not like it that’s the obvious fact
APC have 2 state governors and 7 out of the 15 Senatorial seats in South East Nigeria. APGA, PDP and LP have one governor each

Almost everybody in Ebonyi State is now an APC member.

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Then why won’t you join the party at the centre to hold grip with the federal breeze of fresh air?

Most people don’t join the Federal Party because of Federal Appointments some join because of their businessess and also relationship

Moreover political party is like a vehicle, if your Toyota Camry can’t carry you to Abuja, change the vehicle to Chevrolet Silverado or Escalade ESV and reach the seat of power.

APC is an open party that can allow you to express your views with any fear of Intimidation and molestation.

The Catholic Church is big enough to accommodate everyone.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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