Gov Otti’s Miracle In ABIA Continues Vol 2: The Midas Touch – By Miracle Chukwunenye

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by Miracle Chukwunenye

This is not London nor Dubai, this is the linking point of three very strategic roads that connects other numerous road locations in Aba, linking NGWA ROAD, PEPPLES ROAD and EMELOGU ROAD.


NGWA ROAD as a major road in Aba with over 6.1km was in the past abandoned to the mercy of dilapidation, ruins and utmost disrepair, this road aside linking with the two aforementioned roads also leads to ASA ROAD as it has its endpoint at No. 1 PORTHARCOURT ROAD, crossing over to the notable cemetery road Aba.

Not until the midas touch of Gov. Otti’s 360 road revolution visited and transformed it to the dream heaven, clearing ancestral refuse and sewages, desilting and creating deep gutters, grading and leveling the road and asphalting the road in three layers to ensure it’s thickness making for its lasting usage over time.


PEPPLES ROAD in the other hand was not just left in ramshackles and a state of tumbledown, but was almost nearing road extinction as bushes,dirts and infrastructural ruins were seen blocking the access road which also connects to the Waterside bridge, even as i speak, construction is still ongoing at the extreme parts of the road where it joins with water side, as Gov. Otti has given instructions that all blockages be removed to enable the road connect to Waterside effortlessly, remember that this road also leads to the very significant Enyimba hotel which was also left in the mercy of dare devils but soon to be revived by this administration.


EMELOGU ROAD was not left out in the salient road revolution going on in Gov. Otti’s Administration, Before now, this road used to be in a state of utmost deterioration and decrepit, the past Administration abandoned this road without considering the important and notable factors such a key road contributes to the economy.

The EMELOGU ROAD which links with PEPPLES ROAD and NGWA ROAD connecting OGBOR-HILL in Obingwa local government with GOOD MORNING MARKET in Aba south local government simultaneously was revived by the huge transformational change of the NEW ABIA, Gov. Otti is setting the standard of Governance for the world to see what leadership is really about by building these roads to completion including other numerous roads completed and many ongoing projects even without borrowing a dime yet.


THE EMELOGU WATER FOUNTAIN installed by Gov. Otti cannot go unnoticed in this overview of Horrondeous infrastructural revolution.

Considering the best attraction facility suitable for the emelogu roundabout, Gov. Otti came up with the water fountain, the water fountain was a thought out birthed by the charisma of the redemption of the long abandoned slum/ death trap. It was a night of tourism adventure for Emelogu/ Aba residents, the night the water fountain was powered, the inhabitants of that area crowded round the facility in aggrandizement.

Jubilation and excitement filled the environs on that notable and remarkable day,Let me also note without sentiments and being straightforward in view,that setting up a complex roundabout with simplicity wouldn’t have been a bad idea too but something entirely different has to be done because we are in the NEW ABIA, times has passed when we employ the old or normal strategy of doing things, never again shall we follow the old order in Abia state, everything has to be exceptional; The connecting drainages, the quality road asphalting, the provision of new attraction facility in our roundabouts, the creation of new paths for road linking (pepples road as a case study), the use of best construction engineers(from our ministry of works) and reputable construction companies

Let it be in history that once upon a time, came a Governor who met the state in huge mess and in a state of over-indebtedness but overlooked the condition and faced the solution ,and in less than 10 months, was able to commission 10 roads with numerous other completed roads and many ongoing without borrowing a dime yet, now the question remains,where is he getting the money?

Let me state the presumable that at this point, the public view would be, even if Gov. Otti chooses to borrow tomorrow, its quite long overdue and merited cause he already set milestones and landmark achievements in due existence of zero debt,far from personal view, suffice me to say that with the numerous road rehabilitation splurging up in various parts of Aba and environs all at once that Gov. Otti is not getting all the flowers he deserves.

Miracle Chukwunenye writes from Aba

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By Abia ThinkTank

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