US-Based Nigerian Professor, Uju Anya Gets Engaged To Female Partner

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US-based Nigerian Professor, Uju Anya Gets Engaged To Female Partner

Uju Anya, the US-based Nigerian professor, has announced her engagement to Sirry Alang, her partner.

In an Instagram post, Anya shared pictures from their engagement ceremony.

In an accompanying caption, she revealed that Alang, her husband-to-be, proposed to her and she accepted.

“My darling love, my sweetest heart, the woman of my life, Dr Sirry Alang asked me to be her wife and I said yes,” she wrote.

In a series of posts on X, Anya also narrated how Alang involved their children and friends in planning the proposal.

The 47-year-old academic said the moment was “filled with happiness, unadulterated and overwhelming joy”.

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“And so it happened! Sirry and I are officially wives-to-be. Aso Ebi colors we don’t know yet, but the wedding will happen in the DC area sometime in the next two years,” she wrote.

Anya is a lecturer at the Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

She became popular in 2022 after her tweet wishing the late Queen Elizabeth II an “excruciating pain” went viral.

Alang, on the other hand, is a Cameroonian-American health services researcher.

She is also an associate professor of Sociology and Health, Medicine and Society at Lehigh University.

Anya and Alang were said to have been married to men in previous years and had children.

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