Michael Ike Okonkwo Foundation Donates Complete Brass Band To Ofali Agwu Primary School, Amaekpu Ohafia.

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Introducing a brass band to Ofali Agwu Primary School through the Michael Ike Okonkwo Foundation holds immense significance for the pupils.

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The President of the Foundation Mazi Michael Ike Okonkwo in telephone chat with our correspondent said ‘Beyond simply reviving a dying cultural tradition of early morning marching, it instills invaluable life skills and values. The rhythmic cadence of the brass instruments fosters discipline, teamwork, and coordination among the pupils, nurturing a sense of unity and belonging within the school community.’

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Moreover, participation in the band cultivates a strong work ethic, as pupils learn the importance of practice, dedication, and perseverance in mastering their instruments and performances.
This initiative not only enriches their educational experience but also promotes physical activity and mental well-being, encouraging an active lifestyle.


Through the uplifting melodies of the brass band, pupils are inspired, motivated, and empowered to embrace their heritage, fostering a deeper connection to their culture and school pride.

He further said that the donation of the brass band is just one of the numerous interventions his foundation has lined up for his Alma-matter, Ofali Agwu Primary School, Amaekpu Ohafia. Stressing that his foundation cannot continue to extend their philanthropic gestures to others and forgetting his own Alma-matter.

The President Specifically thanked Ofali Agwu Alumni President Chief Nnanna Emele Agwu⁩ and his Vice Obong Emby Imo⁩ for their supports. Appreciating every member of the Ofali Agwu Alumni Association for their focus and unity of purpose.

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