Tinubu’s Cataclysmic Presidency And Its Many Danger Signals – By Dr. Engr Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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No one needs to be told that the nation of Nigeria has finally landed itself in a precipice of chaos and pandemonium. The danger signals are rife and undeniable. The lower limits of suffering has reached its irreducible minimum boundary conditions. Anything can snap and trigger the apocalypse long foretold and long awaited. We’re indeed in real trouble.

There is frustration everywhere now with the nation attaining its worst bedlam of crisis since constitutional democracy returned in 1999. The truth is that Tinubu’s government was negotiated as a sinking ship where he was brought in to swap with Buhari, the main pilot and captain of the ship that is already doomed.

The inevitability of its sinking is made manifest by the prescient fact that the doomed ship had been perforated with a thousand holes before the captain was swapped. The calamity is that the erstwhile perverted captain is still working in the ship to ensure it does not escape its doomed faith. All will sink anyway into the deep blue abyss and into oblivion.

But many of us had expected that Jagaban would be much smarter than we’re seeing him today. That even after being beneficiary of one of the rudest electoral transition in the nation’s history, that he would quickly make amends and steer the doomed ship unto temporary safety and begin the arduous work of redemption. That was not to be and wishful thinking at best.

It is as clear as snow today that Buhari at the expiration of his presidency handed over to Tinubu some exit demand instruments that today rankles as some of the most unpatriotic policies by any government since independence negotiations and the formation of the first Republic government.

First, he removed the fuel subsidy regime and created unprecedented mass poverty for our huge 200 million population in strict adherence to IMF/World Bank prescriptions in cahoots with Buhari’s poisoned chalice. These IMF/World Bank are the neo colonialists in charge of our negotiated transition process. It is they that will commend and command who will occupy our seat of power. Their job is to help us choose from our wrong leaders who will not rock their boats of keeping our economy right in their pockets.

As we watched not knowing what has hit us, the Naira was floated to create the worst free fall of our foreign exchange bargaining power. Our naira devaluation and the concomitant economic devaluation that followed it brought about more hardships and galloping inflationary trends that made the average Nigerians now to be begging for food to eat. The food rations we hear from distant climes came knocking on our doors. The ordinary persons with no options started breaking warehouses of food storage, hijacking trailers of food materials, queuing for food auctions and palliative and dieing in the process. What a shame.

This is happening when the government has no solution to Fulani herders that took over people’s farms and with bandits occupying the rest and chasing farmers away from their farmlands. Interestingly, Buhari who looked the other way for 8 years of his presidency while this problems lingered is still the adviser to Tinubu to continue where he stopped in punishing Nigerians for taking care of himself and his family since he joined the army in the 1950s.

These same Fulani herdsmen and their bandits collaborators having being emboldened by state complicity have upped their games by not only terrorizing citizens and fellow Nigerians, they have started attacking the nation’s power grid and infrastructure and plunging the nation in darkness. Tell me who is not affected now? Very soon, we will hear that the power lines feeding Aso Rock Villa has been destroyed and brought down. Are we going to wait till then to take action?

We are asking, at what point will Tinubu get to understand that the fulani terrorists, so called Boko haram, the fulani herdsmen and the fulani bandits are waging a war against defenseless Nigerians while inmates like Buhari one of their patrons just watches unconcerned?.

At what point will Tinubu begin to work for other Nigerian citizens, aboriginal land owners and call the fulani tribe to order?. At what point will Tinubu, a southern progressive begin to shift this nation on the pathway of equality of citizenship, equity and progress? It is dangerous for this nation to be run as usual with all the danger signals we see today because every Nigerian wants a paradigm shift from the irridentists that want to spoil our peaceful coexistence and ways of life.

Tinubu must issue a national edict to stop the fulani herdsmen and bandits from trespassing people’s farmlands. The Nigerian armed forces must be deployed to the forests to fish out these few trouble makers that are making life unbearable for us Nigerians. Tinubu should also end his honeymoon with Buhari and his unpatriotic cabal and start immediately to fix and unmake most of his wicked and evil policies. Tinubu should be made to understand that Buhari is never a builder of anything. He’s a destroyer and soldier of fortune.

Some of the quick fixes will be to immediately release Nnamdi Kanu from Buhari’s detention, renegotiate the nation along the path of parliamentary system of government to devolve power to the regions, demilitarization of our forests, creation of state police among other decentralization policies to move the nation forward.

Tinubu needs no reminders that he’s a product of NADECO, the most progressive elements ever to operate in this clime. If he disappoints Nigerians, there will be no more hope of redeeming this nation.
There’s is no more time left for him to start rebuilding the nation. Any more delays will be catastrophic and costly too for his presidency.

Dr. Engr Odo Ijere.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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