I Will Sacrifice My Office For Peace Of Rivers – Fubara

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I’m ready to sacrifice my office for peace of Rivers — Fubara

Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State has emphasised that he is ready to sacrifice his office for the peace of the state.

He stated this in an interview with AIT that no sacrifice is too great for him, as he is willing to relinquish his position if it would contribute to the tranquility of Rivers State.

He said, “No sacrifice will be too big for me to pay for the success of this administration.

“And the reason is very simple, it’s not political love, it’s not because I want to gain any favour from anybody, my interest and love for our dear state is genuine.

I’m not trying to say I want to be one man who will be there to decide the fate of all but let Rivers State remain.”

Fubara acknowledged that there were potential actions he could have taken leading to a “total crisis,” but his decision to exercise restraint demonstrated maturity.

He highlighted that his dedication to the state stems from genuine love and interest, rather than political motives or personal gain.

The governor underscored the importance of the well-being of the millions of Rivers people who had made sacrifices, expressing concern about their future.

He emphasised that if stepping down from his position would bring more peace to the state, he would willingly do so, putting the welfare of the people above personal considerations.

Fubara said, “My burden was not the issue of all the drama, it’s the millions of Rivers people who had made sacrifices and it looks as if their hopes are being dashed. They were the ones I was worried about. What will be their fate? It’s not about me.

“If leaving this position is what I need or what is needed to bring more peace to the state, I can even tell you people to come and take it. It’s not about me. People should understand that definitely I will go but Rivers State will still remain.

“I am the governor, no matter what it is, there are things I could have done and there would have been a total crisis. But your ability to restrain in the face of crisis even when you have the power to do things is maturity.”

Fubara clarified that his role as governor should not grant him unchecked power, expressing a commitment to the continued existence and prosperity of Rivers State even if he were to leave his position. Despite facing challenges, he prioritized the collective welfare of the citizens over his individual concerns.

Recall AttNews reported the conflict between Governor Fubara and the camp of his predecessor, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike.

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