A Word For All Otti Fans: You Cannot Beat A Child And Stop Him From Crying – Barr. Chucks Akamadu

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By. Barr. Chuks Akamadu (Nko Abia)

Please desist from indulging those who are hurt. It is within their inalienable right to be so hurt. Quite frankly, you cannot beat a child – figuratively speaking – and successfully stop them from crying.

His Excellency Dr Alex Otti is their nemesis! They do have a right to lament; more so, when what they’re struggling with is the unimaginable!

I personally do not reckon that Governor Alex Otti is one man that has got no flaws, but I can bet my very lean resources on the worst of Otti being better than the best of OUK, TAO & DR IKPEAZU combined. So you can appreciate how long the night is gonna be for those who never really could survive outside of government patronage – on account of being unemployable.

I advise that they be allowed to unleash their anguish, ventilate their sense of ruin in order to proceed to the path of self-redemption.

Let’s appreciate all the hues of democracy🙏🏾.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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