Trader In Abuja Caught Repacking Local Rice Into Foreign Rice Bags

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Abuja Trader Caught Repackaging Local Rice Into Foreign Rice Bags

A 39-year-old trader, identified as Nonso Nwobodo has been arrested by the Nigerian police for repackaging local rice into foreign rice bags to make more profits in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The incident happened on Saturday at about 4;15pm at Plot 740 centenary credentials Durumi area of the FCT.

A government source said that Nonso was allegedly packing locally made rice to printed foreign bags of rice, to deceive the public to believe that it was foreign rice, adding that 160 bags of different sizes of rice ranging from 5kg to 50kg already re-bagged to look like foreign rice were recovered.

The source said; “Nonso Nwobodo was re-packaging local rice to a different designed foreign bags of rice with an attempt to sell them as foreign rice.

“He was arrested with 160 bags of different sizes of rice ranging from 5kg to 50kg already rebagged to look like foreign rice. 53 empty bags of local rice that had been already rebagged to foreign bags were recovered.

“While 590 new empty foreign bags of rice that are yet to be filled with rice were also recovered at the scene. Police have confiscated the rice,” the source added.

Meanwhile, all efforts to reach Josephine Adeh, the FCT police spokesperson, were not successful as she didn’t respond to calls or messages.

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