God Has Made Otti Mr. Projects, Examples Are Reverberating – G.O Dominion City Church

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The General Overseer of the Dominion City Church, worldwide and the founder Golden Heart of Bishop David Ogbueli has described the Executive Governor of Abia State as Mr. Project, whose example of good governance is reverberating all over the place.

Pastor David Ogbueli spoke on Thursday 22nd February 2024, when he led a delegation of Dominion City Church, Worldwide on a working visit to Governor Otti in Abia State.

Pastor Ogbueli said, “When I’m hearing of all the things happening in Aba, everywhere, I am like how is that possible with the State of the economy?

“God has made you Mr. Project. What is happening is shocking.”

Speaking further Pastor Ogbueli said, “If we get any part of Nigeria working well, it translates to the whole nation. The cry of the Igbo race everywhere, I would love to see Abia State become the first major hub where they can come from everywhere – abroad, everywhere to invest. I will like when that comes up, whether it is real estate plan, tourism plan, whatever plan; when it is time to market it, I will like to be one of the Ambassadors because I travel round the world. I will help to market it everywhere.”

Bishop Ogbueli who described Gov. Otti as a development professional remarked that the people are crying for leadership. “Right now the whole nation is crying for leadership. The whole of Southeast is crying for leadership. What is that thing they are looking for? They are looking for leadership. Right now the examples you are setting are reverberating and we are going to pray that nothing will distract it”

Pastor Ogbueli informed that they are in Abia for the Southeast Redemption and Development Summit where they will speak to Church and religious leaders on the need to be part of the moral revolution in our society and restoration of moral values among the youths.

Gov. Otti thanked pastor Ogbueli for his visit and support during the fight for the liberation of Abia State. “We thank you for all the work you’re doing for mankind and for God. During the campaigns, we visited your Church in Umuahia, and we were well received, we thank you for allowing us use the platform which you set up,” Governor Otti said.

The Governor said that his administration was partnering with relevant institutions to secure the future of Abia youths through sustainable engagements.
“It is important we get our youths to do something, we want to thank you for the initiative and they’re initiatives we have already keyed into, we believe that a lot of our people just need access to finance, access to training and retraining and mentoring, just support from government will keep them off the street,” the Governor explained.

Gov. Otti added that the prompt payment of salaries, immediate rehabilitation of roads and other actions taken by his administration are already having positive impacts on the State’s economy as some businesses that fled the State have started returning.

Nwahiwe, Chinonyerem Cleverson – Information, Government House press.


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