Valentine’s Day: Have Mercy On The Singles – Wumi Toriola Appeals To Public

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‘Have Mercy On The Singles’ – Wumi Toriola Appeals To The Public Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has taken to her Instagram platform to share a heartfelt message ahead of Valentine’s Day.

With the romantic day fast approaching, she acknowledges that couples will soon be expressing their love through thoughtful gifts.

However, she urges them to remember the singles amongst their audience, reminding everyone that they too deserve acknowledgment and kindness.

Additionally, Wumi encourages transparency by suggesting that gift-givers specify if the gift is self-given.

Ending with a humorous note, she humorously signs off as the president of the “some of us too busy to be bae” club, expressing a playful longing for her romantic partner.

She posted, “We will soon enter the week of “Ademi thanks”. In your pepper write-up, pls still have mercy on the singles.
Na person born them too. Also, indicate if the gift is from you to you, And be brief.

From the president of “some of us too busy to be bae “
Oju wa ma bo for Valentine…
Where is my David bliss, God”.

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