Straight From The Heart: Abia Undergoing Transformation – By Dave Uma

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It can safely be said with absolutism that Abia State is at the brink of unparellel transformation and regeneration.

Recently, the internet was awash with visuals of completed road projects with particular reference to Umuoba road, the ongoing Port Harcourt road & many others.

Remarkably, Abia is beginning to witness dividends of democracy which are incontrovertible and indispensable necessities in party politics

Those visuals trending on-line undoubtedly gladdened the heart of Abia people, and serves as a true testimony of what quality leadership represents.

These projects, obviously, will be of immense benefit & a huge relief to Umuoba, other adjoining Communities, as well as the entire Abia people & beyond .
What a profoundly rewarding experience? Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Abia people are beginning to see their dreams painted on the walls of reality, and not on the imagery of illusion.

Before now, Abia State had all the trappings of ANIMAL KINGDOM with its obvious characteristics.

Abia State was under the rule of Predatory individuals who for over two decades were naturally & ruthlessly preying and living large on the common patrimony of the entire Abia people without moderation.

For over two decades, the people of Abia contended with the shenanigans of those Politicians who displayed arrogance of power as a result of their ignorance for good governance.

Here we are talking about Politicians who crave for recognition, respect and honour without commensurate accomplishments.

Sadly, those group of Politicians have remained unrepentant, and persistently unwilling to accept the fact that they are no longer relevant until the Supreme Court laid their wishful thinking to rest with the affirmation of Gov; Otti as duly elected. Otherwise, they would have continued with their escalating threatening behaviors.

The stories of “Emelagi?” still resound and reverberate in our subconscious minds.
It became a catch phrase that still resonated within the environ of Abia government house until recently.

The phraseology “Emelagi” whether it was true or not, painted a picture of immorality in high places with tainted adherence to standard.

Unfortunately, the immediate past administration, left a negative and unenviable lasting impression in our memory banks. It will take forever to erase.

@daveuma Feb; 2024

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