Those Celebrating Naira’s Fall On Twitter Are Clowns – VP Shettima

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Those celebrating Naira’s Fall On Twitter Are Clowns – Shettima

Vice President Kashim Shettima has expressed his disappointment with Nigerians who find amusement in the depreciation of the Naira against the dollar, labeling them as ‘clowns.’

Shettima made this known while speaking at a function in Abuja on Wednesday, January 31.

In the video which was shared by Symfoni, Shettima said, ‘”It is not only disheartening and disenchanting, but also heartbreaking that yesterday when the Naira culminated to N1,500 to the dollar, instead of us to coagulate into a single force and salvage our nation economy, sadly, some clowns are celebrating on Twitter of an impending implosion of the Nigerian economy.”

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By Abia ThinkTank

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