‘S3x Toy Business Is Booming, And We Are One Of The Best’ -Chidi Mokeme

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Chidi Mokeme Reacts To Speculations Of Running A S3x Toy Business

Veteran Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme has responded to rumours about his involvement in the sex toy business.

During an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Chidi confirmed his venture into the sex toys industry, revealing that he initiated it a few years ago and that it has been successful.

He said: ‘‘I did start a s3x toy business, and that business is one of the best out there. It’s booming, and that’s how I know. We run it the way we do because people want to keep it hidden. More than ten times, I’ve had products sell out in a single day, and the company runs out of stock just as quickly.”

Chidi also emphasized the universal character of debates about s3x, adding that it is the one thing that everyone does in the morning, whether they have an agenda or not.

He said: “What’s the topic you like talking about the most? I said s3x. When I said s3x, everyone exclaimed, s3x! I said yes, that’s exactly it. Because it’s the one thing everybody in the world agrees on. There is no ethnic divide. No religious divides, no racism. Everybody understands it. It’s the one thing that everybody sets out to do in the morning, either with an agenda or not.

“You are thinking about it one way or another, you go to work because you want to maintain your stature. Get it alive so that you can marry Nkechi. Gbam, back to the topic. You see what I mean. Everywhere you go. Then, after I get this car contract, I’m going to buy this Range Rover. You carry Ngozi; why did you carry Ngozi? Back to the topic.

“So, everybody thinks about this topic but says nothing about it. That business is one of the best businesses. That’s how I knew, and that’s why we run it the way we do. They want to keep it hidden. But I tell you this: more than ten times I had stuff totally sold out in one day. I mean the company totally ran out of stuff in one day.

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