Tony Elumelu Reunites Old Standard Trust Bank Team

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Tony Elumelu Speaks

“I reunited some of my team from Standard Trust Bank (STB) days. Our first reunion”

It was an amazing get-together: Some now work elsewhere; or have become entrepreneurs, something I love to see, and some, of course, work with Heirs Holdings or UBA Group.

STB was born in 1997 and quickly redefined the face of banking in Nigeria. As CEO of STB, I wanted to challenge the status quo and democratise access to banking in Nigeria – and then Africa. What was a dream, quickly became a reality. The symbol we chose – the mustard seed – the logo now of UBA, has truly born fruit.

Achieving this was not easy! Our STB Lions and Lionesses, as we called ourselves then, worked day and night to execute that vision. These successes laid the groundwork for the largest financial services transaction in Africa to date, the merger of STB and UBA Group in 2005. That merger created a banking group that spans Africa – and the globe.

This period not only changed the face of banking in Africa, it launched careers, changed lives and created relationships that will last a lifetime. Creating, leading, motivating teams drives me. To see diversity become unity is so satisfying. I also learnt – to plan, to be patient, to be resilient.

As we discussed, shared memories, laughed, and talked about our lives, I felt such a sense of pride for the great things my people have gone on to achieve.

Something was also clear, whatever we have done, we have continued to embody the spirit of Excellence, Enterprise, and Execution, which are the hallmarks of the STB legacy – we have remained lions and lionesses.

As I fondly recalled that time and that team, it’s no surprise these STB alumni have done great things, occupying significant roles and shaping the world into a better place. As a leader, it doesn’t get better than this.

It’s been too long, and I look forward to meeting other ex-STB team members, who couldn’t make it to our first reunion. If you are an STB alumnus, I encourage you to join the ‘My STB Family’ ( ) on Facebook – let’s stay connected, foster our network and hopefully have a bigger reunion in the near future.

Extremely proud of My STB family and I wish everyone even greater success.


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By Abia ThinkTank

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