The Race To Wealth – By Nnate Ernest

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It’s fascinating how every person on Earth has a unique path and story of their life. Though there may be similarities in experiences, every individual has a distinct journey.

Have you ever wondered why a group of people may embark on a journey together, but some may reach the top effortlessly while some struggle for a long time, while others never make it? The reason could be due to a combination of factors such as privileges, hard work, resilience, competitive spirit, and courage. However, I believe that there is also an element of chance, spiritual guidance, or good luck that plays a role in one’s life journey.

When we see a poor person, we may tend to think they are lazy or have not planned their life well. While these reasons could be true, it’s essential to consider that unseen circumstances or factors beyond their control may have contributed to their situation. In life, the world operates on a “survival of the fittest” basis, where the strong dominate and the weak struggle. However, each person’s experience is unique, and we should not judge others based on their situation.

Similarly, when we see a wealthy person, we may assume they are hardworking or brilliant. While this may be true, we must also recognize that luck and privileges may have played a role in their success. It’s a fact that not everyone will become rich, and a world where everyone is wealthy is unrealistic. Instead of being envious of others, we should aim to better ourselves, celebrate others’ successes, and assist those who are less fortunate.

The journey to wealth is a challenging one, with many ups and downs. When we attain wealth, we must also work to maintain it, as it can easily slip away. We must be wary of deceitful people who may try to bring us down or harm us in their quest for success.

No matter what stage of life we are in, we should strive for the best and not be envious of others. We should be patient, celebrate others’ achievements, and work diligently towards our goals.

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