This Life: 110-Year-Old Man Kills 109-Year-Old Wife Over Sex Denial

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This Life: 110-Year-Old Man Kills 109-Year-Old Wife Over Sex Denial

In an act of domestic violence, a 110-year-old man in western Uganda district of Ntungamo district, has allegedly murdered his wife aged 109 years by repeatedly stabbing her with a machete after she refused his request for sex.

According to a police statement issued by police officer Kasasira Samson, the suspect, Dominic Babiiha , and his wife, Constansio Bakasisa lived in the same house but slept in separate rooms.

On December 14, Dominic reportedly requested Bakasisa to join him in his bedroom, but she declined due to feeling unwell.

Early the next morning, their 10-year-old great-granddaughter heard Dominic’s threatening to kill Bakasisa if she did not comply.

“When she peeped into his room, she saw him armed with a machete. He then entered Bakasisa’s room and began stabbing her repeatedly, “police said.

Neighbors alerted by the child’s screams found Bakasisa dead upon arrival. Dominic was found unconscious in his room with an agro chemical bottle nearby indicating he had taken poison,and was rushed to Itojo hospital for treatment.

The police statement confirms the recovery of the murder weapon and the deceased’s body being subjected to a postmortem. While preliminary investigations cite denied conjugal rights as the motive, a thorough investigation is ongoing.

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