Breaking News: Simon Ekpa Releases 40 United States Of New Biafra

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BREAKING NEWS: Simon Ekpa Releases 40 United States Of New Biafra

Simon Ekpa, the self acclaimed disciple of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has released forty “United States of Biafra”. The Finland based lawyer who is agitating for Biafra republic on his social media handle on Thursday, named the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Biafra as ‘Ebube’..

The other States are:

  1. Ikemba State
  2. Omambala State
  3. Odumegwu State
  4. Ebonyi State
  5. Edda State
  6. Uhaukwu State
  7. Enugu State
  8. Alanso State
  9. Ohabuenyi State
  10. Ezeala State
    11.Lower Benue State
    12.Orlu State
  11. Owerri State
    14.Aba State
    15.Ikwuemesia State
  12. Alaudo State
  13. Igbani State
  14. Alaudo State
  15. Iwhunroha State
  16. Koko State
  17. Agbor State
  18. Ugheli State
  19. Anioma State
  20. Southern Atlantic State
  21. Ogbia State
    26.:Oguan State
  22. Brenem State
  23. Esan State
  24. Afemai State
  25. Iden State
  26. Pro Ukpabang State
  27. Qua State
  28. IT Tai Anang State
  29. Idung Ibom State
  30. Calabar State
  31. Ohafia State
  32. Ikom State
  33. Ogoja State
  34. Izom Ama State
  35. Ebube State

According to Ekpa, the Federal Government of Nigeria “must recognise” the Biafra states, release Nnamdi Kanu and also “withdraw all Nigeria forces from these 40 states to restore peace.”

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By Abia ThinkTank

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