ECK Foundation Millennium Infrastructural Expectations

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Infrastructural development remains the cardinal force through which the lives of the people are improved and medically bettered , especially in this challenging time . To get human society on the right tracks of excellence , lives have to be given all the necessary attention it requires for better expectancy and improvement . Economically , our human society is duty bound to prosper where there is healthy provisions of those social amenties that contribute immensely to life enhancement and sustainability . On this philosophy Eck Foundation is basically established to serve you better . Health is wealth and our concern for its improvement stands taller than the Egyptian pyramids . It is a global drive for a better society where man ‘s survival and his environs are given priority attention.

We have come to realize the critical challenges confronting the people’s well being which seriously calls for our attention for solutions . Health related needs have become one of major demanding aspects of humanity that truly requires our commitment to providing an enabling environment through which our people could be freely accessing medical facilities . Illustratively, Our women in their large numbers have to some extent suffered critical family healthcare challenges due to lack of access to clinics . We have recorded high child mortality rate as a result of non availability of paediatrics care centre for new borns and growing children in our society and all these pressing issues as a matter of fact give Eck Foundation serious concerns .
Our aged parents due to inedquate health care provisions have regrettably died in their numbers and we as well feel the skin burns of this ugly trend .

Being one major reason for the establishment of this intl non governmental organization , we in collaboration with other global healthcare agencies , World Health and other health services providers / stakeholders in the sector are on top consultations towards extending a life saving healthcare asset to our people in Bende and Abia North Senatorial district . The government of Mr. Alex Otti has been so wonderfully connected to transforming Abia State in various sectors of life and our partnership remains firmly glued and cemented . This is a health infrastructural advancement millennium where ignorance is overtaken and conquered by start – of – the – art technological fireworks on health related matters . It is a season of liberating our people from the conservative mentality to advanced health care system where life could be given a better hands of attention unlike in the olden days . We are no longer in the iron/ stone age regime rather the world is fast prospering towards hybrid technology capable of saving the global society from avoidable hazards and eventualities .

Not only on health sector but other fields of endeavour such as skill aquisition and other self empowerment related programmes with a view to creating an avenue of bringing our youths to the front page of connected economic potentialities . This calls for our continued interactions with the youths on their areas of interest, target and the way forward. . As popularly held” Rome was not built in a day” and regarding these blueprints of action on Eck Foundation’s desk , gradual commitment is being made to ensure their realization based on time factor and their order of importance . The good thing is that the foundation has been laid and with your support , it shall not be abandoned rather greater efforts should be concentrated on having them achieved and commissioned .
Without any discrimination, Eck Foundation is aimed at marking life better for mankind. What we have is meant for all and on this solid rock our pillar is
effectively mounted .

Stay tunned @

Chief . Dr . Emeka Kalu
Diasporan Eck President .

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By Abia ThinkTank

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