Akajimba Age Grade Of Amaekpu Ohafia Ota-Omu Blues Loading (Part Two) – Dave Umah

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In a couple of days, Amaekpu will be painted in resplendent colors with Flex Banners showcasing pictures of members of Akajimba Age Grade in their full regalia preparatory to Otaomu celebration.

The Banners will be found dotting every nook and cranny of Amaekpu Community, and even, beyond – a move from soft copies which are presently trending in many popular platforms, to hard copies, vintage those not online, or internet savvy.

Apparently, it’s a form of announcement, and recognition, heralding the much anticipated Otaomu ceremony which is only few weeks away.

Expectedly, all the participants will be struggling to display their pictures at the most strategic locations. Some are likely going to make Flex Banners as large as Bill Boards, literally dwarfing the rest; not minding that everyone else deserves to be seen.

Amaekpu Tower, perhaps, appears to be the most popular, and suitable location for the display of Flex Banners. It’s the hub of business activities, and an area that keeps Amaekpu Community awake till late at night.

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Within the Amaekpu Tower environ, there are usually clusters of posters fighting for a space. One could find over a hundred beautiful, and handsome smiling faces of celebrants in Flex Banners staring at you. Most of the faces will be well known, while some unrecognized.

There is usually a surge by new members who want to join the Age grade to celebrate Otaomu. As a result, one finds few new strange faces some of whom are only visiting home after a long sojourn.

Admittedly, OTA-OMU brings people back to their Roots. Some that have not been around for a long while are left in awe over the transformation of the Community. Seeing that every corner of the Community has been lit by Solar, and that some portions of Ime-Ogo tarred by Dr. Ojah make them realize how much they have lost for their long absence from home.

Obviously, the Age grade usually wields the stick by giving such members ‘handsome bill’ covering their long absence, and for non participation in Age grade affairs.

The statuesque of Late Rev. Awa Ugbaga, and Late Chief Nkata Emetu which symbolize greatness & landmark have, undoubtedly, painted an aesthetic picture of the place popularly called Station, giving it a deservedly face lift.

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Other areas conspicuous enough to display Flex Banners are Ohafia Girls Sec; School (OGSS), and the long stretch from Amoba to Ohafia Central School, Elu. Since Elu Ohafia is not celebrating Otaomu this year, Amaekpu has all the space in ‘Ugwu Mission’, and the environ to flex with.

Strangely enough, the Flex Banners that cost so much to design, which their owners hold very dear to their hearts, disappear even before nightfall. It’s been proven that some undesirable elements have formed the habit of making away with those Flex Banners even before your ceremony is over, because the Flex Banners have become highly priced ‘Commodity’ that could be put into many other useful purposes.

Naturally, however, it will be most embarrassing seeing a picture of yourself or someone else you know on a flex banner used in decorating a make shift market stall while the ceremony is still on, or a day after.

Finally, those who don’t have many Flex Banners to display should not despair. Everyone who knows you, loves you, and cherishes your friendship will visit you, Flex Banners or not. It’s just a paraphernalia that only adds zest to the event, and not the event itself.

On a lighter note, Printers, and Graphic designers are smiling to the Banks everyday. Business has been good to them courtesy Otaomu ceremony. In fact, a close friend is considering changing his line of business. He has just concluded a market survey of their earnings. One can only imagine the inflow of cash into their respective Bank accounts.

Indeed, Otaomu is the real deal.

Member Akajimba Otaomu media team

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This is a special promo designed for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers etc who are involved in the above events and others not mentioned during this Xmas period to reach out and showcase their event to the entire world at highly subsidized rate.


First Leg: Full page Promotional package showcasing your Invitation Card, Banner/Flex, 3 different Photographs and brief of the coming event. Also your picture/Name will be the headline News in AttNews blog(Pre-Event)
Second Leg: Full Page Promotional package of the event showcasing 5 different photographs. Also your picture/Name will be the headline news in AttNews blog(Post-Event).

Rate: N20,000 Only For Both Pre and Post Events. (Rate is only Applicable during the Promotional Period)

For further inquiries, contact the undersigned:

Dr. Uduma Nnate (Publisher)

Chief Imo Ukwa(Advert Consultant) 08063779938

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