Power Equation Is Being Adjusted By President Tinubu- Dr. Peter Afunnaya

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Power Equation Is Being Adjusted by President Tinubu

I already agreed on the screwed process where the Northerners took advantage of the fact that they were in power for a long period of time in the history of nigeria. But going forward things will start to change.

For instance, DSS has 37 state directors, 26;were northeners before Tinubu came on board in May this year. As at today, we now have 18 Northerners and 19 southerners.
Tinubu reshuffled them quietly:
6 from southeast
5 from Southsouth
8 from southwest

DSS has 6 functioning directorates:
All the 6 directorates we’re headed by northerners before Tinubu came on board. He quitely reshuffled them, and now each geopolitical zone has a control over a directorate. Dr peter Afunnaya,the brilliant mind I have opportuned to meet on several occasions represent southeast

Let us support president Tinubu, because he means well and he will balance the power. If you are a Southerner working against President Tinubu, something must be wrong with you.

That is why I always get offended when southerners will be abusing a southern President and even prefer a Northerner like Atiku to president Tinubu, or siding Obi to disparage the same Judiciary whom Obi had benefitted from as a Governor.

What you must all know is Northerners love power and they will always put their people on top, all of them including Atiku, in the spirit of born to rule.

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The same Tinubu made a christain southerner minister of FCT, the first and only christain southerner in the history of nigeria (The southerner that occupied the place before wike didn’t have full portfolio, he occupied the office as minister of interior, overseeing FCT
so technically, Wike is the first christain southerner so appointed as substantial FCT Minister

Before Tinubu came on board, Northerners occupied 28 out of 37 state command
They would post southerners as commisioner of police to places like NPA, Airport,Railway, police schools etc BUT NOT STATE COMMANDS

Tinubu came and directed the southerner IG to reshuffle
Now out of 37 state command
Northerners occupied 18
Southerners occupied 19

Let us be praying for President Tinubu my people. He will balance the power equation that has been tilted against Southern Nigeria for decades. The success of Nigeria under President Tinubu is for us all as a Country.

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