Nigeria In Disorder! Where Is The Vision 2020 Once Promised? – By Nnate Ernest

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Our dear country Nigeria, is in deep economic crises with no sign of stability. As economic instability hits harder than ever, many citizens are in dire situation. The only place one witnesses orderliness in this country is in the embassy and in a mortuary. It’s clear nothing is working and this births chaos and disorder, one can barely name a productive sector handled by the Nigerian government. With weak economic policies and poor strategic execution, one starts to ask:

  • What direction is the country taking ?
  • Will things ever get better ?
  • Is this part of a bigger plan ?

The answers to this question are open, as every Nigerian has had different experiences. For example, Mr A might think the economic crisis is all part of a bigger plan & Mr B might think this is the worst economic condition in the history of Nigeria.

The big plan started In early 2005 when the vision 20: 2020 was launched by President Olusegun Aremu Mathew Obasanjo, Citizens were made to dream of a better Nigeria but those dreams seemed to be a mirage. However, Nigeria is blessed with numerous mineral resources and rich hydrocarbon deposits, we have been unable to achieve meaningful socio-economic development since independence and Vision 20:2020 has not changed that reality.

This Nigeria Vision 20: 2020 (NV20:2020) is a national cross-sectoral policy document. Its Vision Statement is: by 2020, Nigeria will have a large, strong diversified, sustainable and competitive economy that effectively harnesses the talents and energies of its people and responsibly exploits its natural endowments to guarantee a high standard of living and quality of life to its citizens. It focuses on two broad objectives: optimising human and natural resources to achieve rapid economic growth, and translating that growth into equitable social development for all citizens.

The NV20:2020 seeks to improve the well-being and productivity of Nigerians. The main goal of NV20:2020 is to improve the well-being of Nigerians. In this direction, the Vision aims to reduce the problems of hunger, poverty, poor healthcare, inadequate housing, low quality human capital, gender imbalance, low productivity and poor basic facilities by 2020.

The Vision staged Nigeria to be a competitive economy by 2020. This is 2023 and it’s clear Nigeria is no way close to what National vision 2020 envisaged. One starts to see the administration as a comedy house because it’s been a complete joke to Nigerians.

The question that we as Nigerians keep asking ourselves is, “What went wrong with Vision 20:2020? ” The answer is that each government we have had over the last 17 years: from the Obasanjo administration to the present government of Muhammadu Buhari has failed the good people of Nigeria in their management of our country and our vision. Only a prophet can tell what will happen in President Tinubu’s administration. But from the few months in office:

  • a lot of citizens have been suffocated, even the poor can’t breathe.
  • drastic currency decline.
  • Insecurity.
  • Inflation and cost of living increased.
    However, I continually pray for Nigeria and the present administration. I urge every Nigerian to do everything in their capacity to see a better Nigeria.
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