The Victory Of Otti At The Tribunal Was Much Expected – Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere(Okpotemba)

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As Abians across the political spectrum and civil society celebrate the 6th of October court affirmation of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti’s victory at the polls earlier this year, I cannot help but congratulate all Abians who expected no less at that court ruling.

Beyond all tantrums and propaganda by the opposition, there wasn’t much they laid on ground that could easily brush aside the popular mandate given to Dr. Alex Otti by all Abians on the 18th of March, 2023.

Alex Otti’s landslide victory on the election day was sublime, comprehensive and spectacular. Abia people came together and decided to warehouse their votes for the only one above the fray at the time of the election and the result was irrevocable and unimpeachable.

The second placed PDP were trailing scandalously behind with close to a 100,000 votes making them to resort to Obingwa magic machinations to produce consignments of illicit ballots to doctor the votes.

Not done, they took $10m dollars to Abuja before the angel in human form, Professor Nnena Oti, the returning officer came to our rescue. The almost 100,000 votes gap between Alex Otti and Okey Ahiwe of the second placed PDP remains an eternal exhibit staring the judges on the face. It is a scare and festering wound no judge will be able to set aside on technicalities.

Before any judge begin to look at such technicality, he or she will first of all consider the amount of logistics and human efforts that went into the production of a hundred thousand votes for an individual. The moral burden can result in a clinical burden if rapaciously undermined.

If the judges decide to risk the moral burden, it means they will have to work with the highest bidder in a game of purely pecuniary transaction. And we do not expect Dr. Alex Otti to be found wanting in securing the buy in of today’s gluttonous benchers. The power of incumbency will not now stop working at the courts when it is the turn of Alex Otti to reap from it.

I had followed Dr. Alex Otti through his court processes in the past enough to say that his wealth of experience garnered in 2015 and 2019 will surely strengthen his approach this time around. My take is that no one in Abia State today can be allowed at the political back of Alex Otti bearing a dagger. He has a third eye at his back now to checkmate any possible surprises.

The other issue that may count strongly for him is that no one in Abia PDP or APC has the capacity to spend a billion naira to pay any judge for judgment. The stolen monies in their hands are all in safe havens and cannot circulate easily. Any circulation of such mammoth cash transaction will easily be detected in the banking system.

Dr. Alex Otti himself who’s very experienced in tracking illicit funds movement is keenly watching over the institutions for such flotation. His network of colleagues in banking will of course trace any transaction to the bedroom of the beneficiary. This is no child’s play at all. The appellate court and the Supreme Court will be war.

That is so much for the PDP that has been boasting of snatching the election results from the backdoor. You will certainly have the whole world to contend with. Mark my words.

As for Ikechi Emenike and his rejected Abia APC, I wish him luck as he continues to dream big of repeating the Damman miracle in Abia State. I consider his governorship dream in Abia state as a pipe dream or a dashed hope. As long as the Fulani whom he’s been working for cannot come to Abia to vote, no one will consider his governorship bid seriously. With Buhari no more in the picture, my advice for him is to quietly retire from politics.

I will end this piece by re-echoeing the counsel of the victorious Alex Otti, the governor of Abia State to his opponents to sheate their swords of combat at this auspicious time and be able to still hold their heads high up. PDP especially are only in court not to win, but to settle scores with Dr. Alex Otti by continuously distracting him.

They should be advised to set aside those distractions for the sake of our common patrimony. Enough of our money has been funneled to Northern and Yoruba judges. Let us try to borrow some sense. “Anagi eji akpata awufuo aba ogirinya”. Once again, congratulations to all Abians. Ndeewo nu.
Dr. Engr Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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